On the Job Hunt Again

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Had a heart to heart talk with my nephew the other day regarding him looking for a new work. Well, he’s not the only one looking for a job. I myself is still in search for a replacement. But God is good. He knows very well when is the right time for me to find a job. I searched the web for job hiring and right now the available jobs are currently for construction jobs. I wish I know how to handle work for men, hahaha!

My nephew on the other hand found a job but it’s not in line with his degree. He’s loosing hope actually. But faith brought him to this position so we’re still thankful for his success. Good luck for those people looking for jobs too.

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  1. elpi says:

    good luck to the both of you.. It's hard to find a job now a days. Lots of competition but God is good. He gave you an instant answer, embrace it and love your work

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