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LO23 - Family
Hello everyone. Just dropping a quick note to say I’m happy for today and for that, I was able to do a lyout. Well, there’s supposed to be a journal on the right side but lazy me strike again, I deleted the element. Hehehe – instead, I left it blank. I feel like word HAPPY is enough to describe what I feel for today.

Here’s some updates:
- I’m on my 8th week. How am I doing? Still not good. I’m craving and morning sickness still. I’m very sleepy as well.
- The soon to be big sister baby J’s sick. Fever due to cough and cold. We brought her to the hospital this morning before running off some last minute errands in the office. The weather here is getting cold and I think that’s one of the reason why her cough gets more difficult. I’m praying for her fast recovery. We’re off to London in 2 days and it’ll be very hard for us to leave her behind like this.
- 1 luggage bag to Philippines, packed and ready. I think we will not bring too much for this month’s vacation. I’m planning to take my parents to Duty Free to buy what they want instead of me buying it from here. It’s even cheaper.
- Online task still pouring. Thank you Sheriff!

Well, I think that’s it for now. Will blog hop now and will do 2 more pending task before calling it a night.


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