Just An Update

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We’re still on vacation dear friends.

We were welcomed by friends and family here in the Philippines last Tuesday. And since then I’ve been busy talking and budgeting things for our trip. We’ll be here for a month stay so we’re really busy doing a lot for our itinerary.

Baby J’s celebrating her 2nd birthday this coming Saturday. As of now, I haven’t organized the her loot bags. Will do that probably in a while to buy some more stuff. There’s no time actually to prepare a lot of things. Somebody offered me to create personalized soccer balls since she’s fond of balls to play with. But I’m not sure if the husband will approve for that. For now, I’m still searching more ideas. Still have 2 days to finalize things.

I’ll be saying farewell for now. I’ll try to update 2 more blogs of mine too.

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