Julia’s 2nd Birthday

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Warning: Photo overload.

Sharing you some shots from my-not-so-useful cam that day. I invited my friend Badjo and he took my place as the official photographer for the day. So all the shots that was taken from my cam was all a shot here shot there effect. My niece had to do the shooting – unfortunately, that’s why most of the shots are stolen. I don’t even have a decent smile all through out the photos. Gosh!

Anyway, the party started late as usual. We invited a lot but few came (as expected). But never the less, we had fun and the most important thing was that Julia had fun hugging and giving kisses to Jollibee the mascot. Enough of the explanation. Here are some photos to share.


The delicious chocolate cake.


My blogging and high school classmate Aa with her cute kids all the way from Pasig. Thanks A! Thank you din sa mga chikas, hahaha!


Julia showing off her sweetness… awww…

DSC_0085Playing around with Papa.

DSC_0125Stolen shot by my niece.

DSC_0142Kissing Jollibee

DSC_0237And here’s Julia showing off her talent. Singing Happy birthday for Jollibee.

DSC_0229And look who came over to the party? Thanks Mai, Paul and Asher for coming over. Can’t wait to meet you and other Twitter Bebots soon.


  1. kako says:

    sayang nde nakapunta si baby gwensayang nde ren makakapunta si julia sa 1st bday party ni baby gwen, huhu :(cute ni ate julia as always, happy birthday! :)

  2. darly says:

    Uy Jolli bday, yummmmm!!Happy Birthday Baby Julia. I pray to God that He blesses you exceedingly and abundantly and may you grow up as someone who is loving, God-fearing and good daughter to your parents.

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