I’m enjoying our stay here in the Philippines right now. And here is one of the reason for my happiness. My old time favorite “Taho”. It’s being sold by vendors here in our subdivision by a bucket with tofu base and the other bucket holds the arnibal and sago “pearls”. It’s a sweet blended cup. But good thing I’m not into a diet right now due to pregnancy. I will sure miss this cup of Taho once we’re back in Qatar.

Julia’s 2nd Birthday

Warning: Photo overload.

Sharing you some shots from my-not-so-useful cam that day. I invited my friend Badjo and he took my place as the official photographer for the day. So all the shots that was taken from my cam was all a shot here shot there effect. My niece had to do the shooting – unfortunately, that’s why most of the shots are stolen. I don’t even have a decent smile all through out the photos. Gosh!

Anyway, the party started late as usual. We invited a lot but few came (as expected). But never the less, we had fun and the most important thing was that Julia had fun hugging and giving kisses to Jollibee the mascot. Enough of the explanation. Here are some photos to share.


The delicious chocolate cake.


My blogging and high school classmate Aa with her cute kids all the way from Pasig. Thanks A! Thank you din sa mga chikas, hahaha!


Julia showing off her sweetness… awww…

DSC_0085Playing around with Papa.

DSC_0125Stolen shot by my niece.

DSC_0142Kissing Jollibee

DSC_0237And here’s Julia showing off her talent. Singing Happy birthday for Jollibee.

DSC_0229And look who came over to the party? Thanks Mai, Paul and Asher for coming over. Can’t wait to meet you and other Twitter Bebots soon.

Looking for the Right Boots

I just want to share that during our stay in London, people are wearing boots because of the weather. It was cold and raining hard there during our visit. Me and my friend had to go shopping for the best boots in town since the one that I originally had the first day is not enough to hold the cold up to my feet. I was looking for a boots that can keep my legs warm enough during our journey. I was opt to get the boots which is 1/4 below the knee, but my friend said that it looks like I’m ready to join the equestrian team and ready to do the horse tack. And so we decided to buy another stylish boots yet will funky at the same time. Will have the chance to wear it in Syria during winter season too.

Boracay, Here We Come!

We’ll be moving along with our journey starting tomorrow. We’re off to see Boracay – my very first time to be out of Luzon since birth.

It would be nice to have with us those ncstar binoculars on hand during our trip. Hubby will surely be delighted with all the wonderful sceneries that awaits us to see. I’m bring 2 of closest friend with us – to baby sit Julia and to tour us around, hahaha! Kidding on the baby sitting side. I wanted them to come with us since they’ve been in Boracay for so many times and they know the place already. I feel much safe knowing someone knows the road.

A Special Bouquet

A friend of ours will tie the knot tomorrow. But I will not be able to attend her special day since tomorrow we plan to bring baby J for her monthly check-up.

My friends will be there though to witness her walking down the aisle. I’m sure that they’ve already made special arrangements with all the wedding details. And that they’ve made something elegant just like what people from ProFlowers home page are doing with their flower arrangements.

This one caught my eye. A white Calla Lily. So elegant.

Skipping Diet

These is one of the food we ate in London. It was the first meal I tasted UK made. It’s called Wagamama Noodle Soup. The soup was delicious. But halfway the meal, I wasn’t able to fish the meal. I felt full sipping the soup. It’s a mixed meal of shrimp, chicken, and lots of vegetables.

Hubby had a good time eating as well. He said that he’ll be looking for the best fat-burner in town for sure after this trip. I myself needed to gain weight on the other hand.

On the Job Hunt Again

Had a heart to heart talk with my nephew the other day regarding him looking for a new work. Well, he’s not the only one looking for a job. I myself is still in search for a replacement. But God is good. He knows very well when is the right time for me to find a job. I searched the web for job hiring and right now the available jobs are currently for construction jobs. I wish I know how to handle work for men, hahaha!

My nephew on the other hand found a job but it’s not in line with his degree. He’s loosing hope actually. But faith brought him to this position so we’re still thankful for his success. Good luck for those people looking for jobs too.

Just An Update

We’re still on vacation dear friends.

We were welcomed by friends and family here in the Philippines last Tuesday. And since then I’ve been busy talking and budgeting things for our trip. We’ll be here for a month stay so we’re really busy doing a lot for our itinerary.

Baby J’s celebrating her 2nd birthday this coming Saturday. As of now, I haven’t organized the her loot bags. Will do that probably in a while to buy some more stuff. There’s no time actually to prepare a lot of things. Somebody offered me to create personalized soccer balls since she’s fond of balls to play with. But I’m not sure if the husband will approve for that. For now, I’m still searching more ideas. Still have 2 days to finalize things.

I’ll be saying farewell for now. I’ll try to update 2 more blogs of mine too.

Off to UK

Daisypath Vacation tickers We’re off to London later 2 o’clock in the morning. I’ll try to update every once in a while. I hope though that my sleeping mode will be off during our 5 days stay in UK. I’ve been sleeping like a log! And I’m not so liking it – at all. Baby J’s sick. Feverish due to cough and cold. It breaks my heart more living her behind. But I have to sacrifice since my friend said that it’s been raining every now and then in London so travelling will not be good for her as well even if we take her with us.

But time flies so fast. I’m sure if I just get myself busy, I will not be that lonely and will think of myself busy to avoid home sickness. For the meantime, I’m thinking of the advantages of living our baby J behind – this way, it’s easier for me to go and leave her behind. That’s it for now. I’ll try to update as much as I can. Hope there’s a free Wi-Fi everywhere as well so that I could share you some photos during our journey.

Cheers. (naks!) hahaha!

Mojo Was Here

LO23 - Family
Hello everyone. Just dropping a quick note to say I’m happy for today and for that, I was able to do a lyout. Well, there’s supposed to be a journal on the right side but lazy me strike again, I deleted the element. Hehehe – instead, I left it blank. I feel like word HAPPY is enough to describe what I feel for today.

Here’s some updates:
- I’m on my 8th week. How am I doing? Still not good. I’m craving and morning sickness still. I’m very sleepy as well.
- The soon to be big sister baby J’s sick. Fever due to cough and cold. We brought her to the hospital this morning before running off some last minute errands in the office. The weather here is getting cold and I think that’s one of the reason why her cough gets more difficult. I’m praying for her fast recovery. We’re off to London in 2 days and it’ll be very hard for us to leave her behind like this.
- 1 luggage bag to Philippines, packed and ready. I think we will not bring too much for this month’s vacation. I’m planning to take my parents to Duty Free to buy what they want instead of me buying it from here. It’s even cheaper.
- Online task still pouring. Thank you Sheriff!

Well, I think that’s it for now. Will blog hop now and will do 2 more pending task before calling it a night.

Twitter Exchange Gifts 2010

I’m so excited for this one. It’s my first online exchange gifts with people who has been close to me over Twitter. These people are mommies and mommies to be that inspires me almost everyday. Some are there to give an advice, and some are there to just quietly listen to your random twits (or shall I say, random rant mode hehe!). These people are the best online friends I’ve ever had. Most of them (well not all), had been my online friend since 2002. Blogging friends. These people are the reason why I’m earning something through blogging. These are my Angels.

I’m really looking forward to meet some of them during our upcoming vacation to Philippines. I can’t wait to see them all and hear their voices for real. And now, I have the chance to be a part of the biggest online exchange gifts – thanks to ate Glo for coordinating this.

And for my Mommy Santa, I’m sorry I only provided you 2 choices. I really couldn’t think of anything else right now.

And for my baby, well – all the lists you wrote are all noted and saved already.

Got to go for now, need to review something about fetal doppler.

Outdoor Lights


Our bathroom mini-renovation is almost done said my mom. It’ll be okay in 2 days Insha Allah, God willing. By next year, I’m hoping to have our dream house back home in Syria ready as well for interior decorating. So I’m gathering all the photos and ideas from everywhere in the net for an example.


And one of the most essential part of the houses in Syria are the verandas. Especially after a dinner, families will sit together in a quiet cozy evening drinking Turkish coffee. So I’m in search for good outdoor lighting to put up. Hope we can find the good and best deals.

Grow Old With You


I saw these over a blogger who recently visited my blog and left me a message on my dashboard. I suddenly felt home sick listening to this song. I remembered a dear friend who changed my life, who was there to lend a helping hand, who was there to support me with my ups and downs, who was there and changed my points of views in life, who guided me for being independent, who was still there to give advice even if it’s a crazy one.

You know who you are. And if you’re reading this – I miss you Bei. Thank you for everything. We’ll see you soon. Birthday gift ko ha!