Burned Laptop Keypad

I couldn’t believe that our friend who recently bought his laptop damaged his keypads in just a week of using it. His story was that he was lighting up his scented candle which is a hand away from his place. But apparently the oil spill down and all he remembers after that was that he was trying to kind of like rinse off the fire on his hair, hahaha! Now he’s thinking if the shop he bought offers a laptop insurance. Good luck – that’s all what we told him.

It’s Because…

LO22 - Unexpected Blessing
This is the reason why I’ve been away for quite some time. I’m missing a lot of my blogging mojo – and this is because, we’re expecting another bundle of joy. I’m now exactly 7 weeks. We found out last Wednesday. I wasn’t able to write up since I’m being so lazy these past few days. All I wanted to do is to sleep and eat, and sleep and eat. For now, please bare with my laziness.

My Cyber King

My husband is the world’s geek (for me) if we talked about computers, devices, gadgets and all those stuff on the web. He’s the only person I know who loves to format his laptop for like once every month. I always joke around with him telling him that I’ll be really blogging something about him one day, and this is the day. Hahaha! If he’ll read this post, I’m sure he’ll laugh. The funny thing is that he usually formats his PC every Monday. How did I know? Because that’s the time that I need as well to back up my files and he’s the only one who does it for me. We call it a Cyber Monday for us both. I’m a computer graduate but I barely know 30% in the hardware part of the computer. 60% of it is blogging and net surfing and 10% on HTML codes, hahaha! Call it a degree!

By the way, I’ll be announcing a good news soon… for now, I’m off to sleep. Need to take a rest for a big day tomorrow at work. My last week for the month of October. Wish me luck.

Oh So Tired…

I left work with a tongue out due to stress counting our stocks. I have to endorsed the shop to a person with high maintenance and so perfect with all the stocks. So she organized everything from A to Z. I’m living 1 1/2 weeks and we need to make sure everything is perfect. I’m confident that she’ll make a difference in our shop. She’ll get used with the irate and argument from customers from time to time, but I told her to just focused on the showroom matters and not to involve herself with the technical issues. But I’m still so stressed… I have deadlines to meet with online works as well. But right now, my main priority is to leave the shop with a clear record. Oh God help me straighten things up before living. I lift everything to you. Amen.

281/365–Old Ring

DAY 281

I was arranging my jewelry set (nah! All silver, no gold!) hahaha! Anyway, I saw this old wedding ring of ours. This was our first wedding ring and this one was mine. I’m planning to buy a paired one. Me and Hubby don’t have a particular wedding band actually. Men in Islam are not recommended to wear gold jewelries. Our wedding bands is a pair of gold and silver as a matter of fact, but since I don’t wear gold most of the times, I opted to wear a silver one like his – but it’s not a pair. Insha Allah, God willing, I can find a good deal soon.

280/365–Favorite Heels

DAY 280
These are my favorite 4 inches high heels from Milano that I bought last 2008. I wore them (believe it or not) for only 3x! It’s comfortable to wear, but my problem that time was at the 1st quarter of 2008, we got pregnant. No heels for me for 9mos. Then I wore it 2009 twice, and these year only once. And since I’m on the way again, no heels for another 9 months. Hello to flat shoes (as always).

2011 Calendar

Any ideas for next year’s project? For those who love digital scrapbooking, Zoe Pern in on sale upto 20% when you buy a bundle of these ready made template as a calendar for 2011. It’s a great idea for gift giving this holiday season. If I only have time to scrap, I will do buy this one. But I’m too busy with errands here and there especially with my upcoming clearance week from work. I need to look as well for an accredited online degree course for a friend who wishes to continue her school at home. It’ll be a big help if I could cheap in an idea or two for her.

Click on the image above to bring you to the page for more information about the calendar.