256/365 – Indian Costume

DAY 256

Hubby’s friend Dhanu arrived the other week from India and she gave this cute traditional dress for our baby J. She looks so cute! I have like 5 shots of her but all shots are a failure since she don’t like to look at the camera. She just want to show that cute smile at the corner of her lip and will ignore your call to smile back at the camera. Sorry for the mess on the background too. He-he! Thanks Dhanu for this wonderful gift. I’ll be waiting for the right time for her to wear this one. Appreciate it. Thank you!

Our Celebration of Eid Al Fitr 2010

This is an overdue post.

September 10 (1st day):
Location: Al Sultan Beach Resort, Al Khor Qatar

We left our home in Doha at exactly 9 o’clock in the morning. Hubby was in a hurry since we need to pass by the gasoline station to buy water along the way. We arrived at Sultan Beach Resort around 9:45am – we checked in. We stayed inside the room and decided to take a nap with the little one. Buffet lunch will be served between 11am to 1pm, so we still had the time to rest and prepare for a long day ahead of us. Too bad I wasn’t able to take photos using my SLR while we were eating. I was too lazy to bring along with me my cam since I was so sleepy when the lunch was served.

After a sumptuous lunch, we went back to our rooms again and decided to sleep since most of us slept too late the day before. Baby J I guess got tired as well since she slept too.

We alarmed our phone past 5:30pm to get ready for a swim.

Baby J had a good time in the pool. Made herself as if she knows how to swim. The water in the kiddy pool was up to her chest, just perfect for her to walk around. I was around all the time beside her. She doesn’t want me to hold her while she walk-swim. Brave enough to be on her own. Masha’Allah!eid1
September 11 (2nd day):
And here’s another set of random photos as well taken on the 2nd day. We woke up looking the sun outside. See the little one on the first photo? I was taking some random photos and she wanted to look over as well.

Breakfast was served from 7:30am to 10am. The gang were all up just about time to eat.

And then on lunch, we ordered food and see the photo beside the bed? Their Carbonara is one so mouth watering! So yummy! Delicious!
September 12 (3rd day):
And here’s our last day. I decided to take baby Julia out for a quick photo session. She’s growing up so fast. Oh dear! Thank you oh God for giving us this day to enjoy ourselves as a family.

I will try to post some pictures of our first trip here in Sultan Beach resort. We first went here last 2007, then 2008 (when I was I think 7 or 8 months carrying baby J). 2009 was the most boring Eid ever. We stayed at home only that time since baby J was still small and precious to carry on a long trip. That’s why this year, we really made sure we enjoy our 1st Eid Holiday together.

Eid is one of the best working days ever for the year. Looking forward for this month end’s pay day since it’s a double pay. And then we had to plan payday advances for our next month’s annual vacation to Philippines. We have to save up for it.

248/365 – 4 Years Ago…

Believe it or not – this was us 4 years ago. We opened up our first shop last 12th of October 2006. Last week during our weekly meeting, they mentioned that our company is going to held it’s first party in 4 years (imagine that?!). I’m proud to be a pioneer for our company. Hubby and I met and fall in love with each other during our training days *sweetness he-he!

Well the reason for why this was my entry for this day was because I was supposed to join the assignment for this week which is about “Books”. But when I was reviewing some stuff here in the house, I saw this photo of me and my husband way back. It made me laugh looking at this. Look at me! I’m a little bit healthier here. And look at my soul mate, yikes! So “gwapo” (it means handsome). Again *sweetness, he-he! I’ll show him this so that he’ll be pushed to enroll in the gym class.

Perfect Skin

I’m getting close to get a perfect skin – in my dreams. He-he! To be honest, I’m starting to be vain with my face right now. I’m buying products that will make sure not to irritate my pores that might cause pimple. So right now, I’m in search for a good pill by browsing on to www.acne-pills.net and checking the overall performance for each pill. I hope someday soon, I can a be this close to having a fairer and perfect skin.

Click – Click – Click to TiVo

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LO19 – Winter

I made another layout for this month. I’m getting used with digital scrapbooking. I’m so happy that somehow I can make cute layouts already. However, there’s still some points I need to learn. I’m scared for now to use ribbons and doodles since I don’t know to use the shadow techniques that much. I’m learning. That’s the most important. Sigh…

LO19 - Winter

Here’s the original template for the above layout. I used ChrissyW’s creations. And for the first time in my digital scrapbooking hobby, I made my first purchased. It costs me around $6 for 5 templates. She had a big sale for $1 each so I grabbed the chance. The image below is linked to her store.


These templates made my digital scrapbooking hobby more easier and now it’s inspiring me to make one at least once each month. Thank you God Allah for giving me the knowledge to create such things. And for my Twitter Sisters for inspiring me with their works. Amen.