Nursing Board Exam 2010

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My nephew just recently took his board exam last July and we’re still waiting for the results. It’ll take a month as per my Mom for them to find out if he passed the exam. I’m praying Insha Allah that he will. He did take a review for a month last April. He doesn’t trust himself, he said. So he waited to make sure that he reviewed well before taking a big step for this exam. If he pass (Insha Allah God willing), he’ll be able to work already since he’ll get his license.




My mom’s a proud grand mother. My nephew followed her footsteps and took Nursing as his major course in college. I regret not taking this course as a matter of fact. But I’m not that good in numbers to be honest and I’m not good as well on memorizing books and theories and procedures and all that scientific terms. That’s why I opt to get Computer Science – programming, since it’s more on thinking logically. Yeah I know it’s weird. But who knows, I might take a 2nd course like my online friends. I’m so proud of them for taking their 2nd chances for education. It’s not too late.


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