Happy 23rd, Adnan!

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Last night we celebrated Adnan’s 23rd birthday. It was a quiet and simple celebration. Except of course it could have been quieter if not for the guys shouting for joy because of Germany who won 3rd place for this year’s FIFA World Cup 2010 against Uruguay. They could’ve won (Uruguay) if they continued their defense up to the end. The score was 2-1 when we arrived. But of course the Germany machined kicked off after the 60th minute making it tied 2-2. And then another score ending 3-1. What am I talking about? Ahhh… that’s why the party last night was not that noisy like before. But at least Adnan’s blessings for another year was recognized. Not enough pictures though. I didn’t bring my camera with me because I forgot to plug the battery in the charger.


Adnan is my first model. Last 2008 we made a photo shoot for him. You can find some of his photos here. We had fun taking pictures for his solo. I didn’t know yet how to use Photoshop that time and my hands were still shaking because I don’t have my stand as well. But the photo below was edited now using Photoshop CS3.








And that year as well, we went to the park to unwind 1 Friday afternoon. Me and a friend took photos of Adnan too. This was our 2nd session.






I do hope that we could set a date next time to do his portraits. He’s a very gentle guy with a great pose on and off cam. By the way, he’s an aspiring model. Happy Birthday again to you Adnune.


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