197/365 – New Hair Do

Look who has a new hair do? The little one is not a rock star anymore. We had it styled in an apple cut and a little bangs on the front. He-he! We had to bring her to the carnival for a merry go round ride because she got scared too much with the hair blower. Poor baby J.


DAY 197 - iPhone


My mom was a little disappointed though. She was insisting not to cut baby J’s hair up until November. But it’ll grow long in a next few months. Besides, it too hot here right now.

H&M Loots

Last week, when we had our meeting with my colleagues at work, we had the chance to drop by H&M; to check out a 50% sales with most of the items that they have. I didn’t buy any shoes, bags or a new pair of clothes, because I looked for accessories. It’s about time to add a new collection.


A new bracelet with gold and silver tone for $5/each. Not bad right? This reminds me of Avril Lavigne. I don’t know why, but it rocks!






And then we found also an imitation (here I am again) of Bella’s engagement ring given by Edward in the movie Eclipse. You really have to forgive me on talking about Twilight Saga. I’m an avid fan and I can’t hide it, he-he! This one is only $3. One of the cheapest accessories that was on sale.


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Sokolin Product Review

Honestly speaking, for 29 years of existence, I’ve never tried and never had the chance to drink wine. We’ve attended casual parties serving this drink, but I was too scared to give a try and taste a glass or so. My mom did told me that there are even chefs mixing wine on their menus. It’s good for the heart as per them.

Yourgolf Package Review

Many people in the Philippines are enjoying this sport. I believe that they have somehow the same golf package that YourgolfPackage.com is offering too. I wish in time, I’ll be able to learn this sport. My husband will definitely be into this one. We’ll just have to do a survey here in the Middle east as to where we can enroll.

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My husband preferred to have a big Bath Towels. Aside from having a big body built, he feels more relaxed after having a good shower. Me on the other hand have two towels (a must) inside our shower room. The small one would be for my face and the other one is for bath. It’s a good thing USATowl has a good quality for these types of essential needs.