Vacation = Eating

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My mother in law is cooking delicious foods during our stay here in Jeddah. I think because of this, me and my husband will be needing the best best weight loss pills. Hubby should enroll in a gym class once we come back to Qatar, but I’m not sure if he’ll pursue on that idea.

I’m loving the food here in Jeddah for now. Aside from the low price in the market, we’re eating home made food not like back home where every night we need to order for fast food since none of us don’t have time to prepare a meal every week, except of course during week ends. I’ll sure miss Jeddah and my mother in laws cooking delicacies. I love the Mediterranean foods that she’s preparing for us. I hope that I’ll get a meal or two before we come back to Qatar. Insha Allah God willing. I’m sure that Hubby will forget everything about diet if I get to learn a meal from Mama, he-he!

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