Health is Wealth

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I couldn’t asked for anything more for my family. When we were on our way to Mecca the other day, Hubby told me to wish for anything the first time I got the chance to look at the Qibla. I said to myself, “Allah is almighty and good and generous… having a good health for each of my loved ones is already a treasure and a gift from him to me…”.
All types of people, nationalities, disabled and sometimes ill, are there inside the mosque. There’s even one guy with amputated leg. Imagine his will to pray with thousands of people surrounding him. I said to myself that I’m one lucky person. There’s one person with suffering with a lot of diseases, let’s say Cancer, but it doesn’t stop them for being able to pray to God. Hope all of us will be the same too.We’ll be back in a few days from now to Qatar. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell stories by then. For now, I need to review some stuff here in Jeddah too.

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