A Pre-Wedding Celebration for Wael and Soumaya

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DAY 142Congratulations to the future MR & MRS CHERIF-RAHIMA. We had fun dancing and fooling around their pre-wedding celebration. We left the party around 2 o’clock this morning. Since Julia was whining already since she was so sleepy. Got tired dancing around on the dance floor I guess.


I wish I could have a flickr Pro account so that I could’ve uploaded all the picture there. So for the meantime, I uploaded all photos over my FB account. All my friends tagged themselves up already. I got around 6 friend request as well from people I’m working with that haven’t got an idea that they all have an FB account, he-he!


Sweets from Opera Cafe – which I haven’t got the chance to taste. Ugh! I’m so bad with food. I took a photo of it but I was busy following our little one around that I forgot to eat. Tsk tsk!



I love this shot.

Reminds me of Madonna’s rendition of “Hang-Up”.

Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly
Time goes by… so slowly

DAY 142(2)


Of course our little one will not be left behind. She was amazed with the confetti all around her. 



And here’s me and my treasures in life, my loving husband and our toddler Julia (who was looking as if she’ll eat up her dad, he-he!)

Thanks Leah for this shot.



And these are my dear friends. Mojo, Ezel and Jen.



And here are the couples, Wael and Souamaya.

Soumaya wore a Blue Lavander dress which is her favorite color. She’s so pretty in her gown and Wael at the same time looked so manly with his shining Black suit.DAY 142(1)DAY 142 – THE  365 DAYS PROJECT


This was just a pre-wedding celebration. Both will have their wedding in Syria by July during their vacation. We wish them both all the best.

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