Online Courses

My niece who just graduated last month is thinking of taking courses online again. She has a diploma for taking Information Technology which she finishes for 4 years. I recommended her to take a look on taking sat prep courses as her first choice of online training. Imagine the convenience of logging in anywhere, taking online classes with others (which can allow you to socialized with others as well), getting more strategies and techniques on subjects you wished to take and want to learn more on to, and lastly the ability for them to track your performances for the whole course. They could give you and idea on how you performed on daily basis or even monthly. How exciting is that? I think she’ll take a chance on taking Math courses.
I will take these courses if I have time. I will not regret taking chances for these types of online courses. Education is the only way I can share my children too so that they could have a better future.

Julia’s Shisha

Here’s a photo of Julia from our last year vacation to Damascus, Syria. Isn’t she a cutie? My father-in-law has a copy of our last year’s vacation. I accidentally deleted my copy when Hubby reformatted my PC. That even our 2007 vacation got deleted. I have some copies on my multiply site but there are videos taken from various places which I hope I was able to saved. Look at those toothless gums… and her cheeks! I wish I could turn back time. Julia’s such a cute baby and sometimes I can’t believe my eyes because of her beauty. Alhamdulillah, thank God for having her as my child.
We’ll be going to go shopping by tomorrow and Hubby might get an electronic cigarettes in the market as a gift for our boss who just celebrated his 50th birthday. Might as well get one for his friend too.

Wedding Prep

My sister in law will get married this September, Insha Allah God willing. I’m not sure if we’ll be able to come on her wedding day. Me and my husband need to check on our schedule by that time. This afternoon, she showed me some photos and idea for her wedding gown and make-up design as well. I’m pretty sure she’ll look dazzling whatever she wear.
This is one photo I showed her as an idea. Simple yet elegant. But she has some photos with good designs as well. Her motiff is light purple. Oh dear! Oh my! I can’t wait for her big day.

She’ll be changing her dress as well, so we gathered some arab dresses that she can get an ideas from. It’ll be a 4 hours party as per her. 2 hours is set for the women and the remaining 2 hours will be for the bride and groom.

We’ve already adviced her as well to take prenatal vitamins once she get pregnant. We’re hoping for her to be on the way before the end of this year. Julia will be so happy to have another playmate once we have our vacation to Syria by next year. Insha Allah, God willing.

Vacation = Eating

My mother in law is cooking delicious foods during our stay here in Jeddah. I think because of this, me and my husband will be needing the best best weight loss pills. Hubby should enroll in a gym class once we come back to Qatar, but I’m not sure if he’ll pursue on that idea.

I’m loving the food here in Jeddah for now. Aside from the low price in the market, we’re eating home made food not like back home where every night we need to order for fast food since none of us don’t have time to prepare a meal every week, except of course during week ends. I’ll sure miss Jeddah and my mother in laws cooking delicacies. I love the Mediterranean foods that she’s preparing for us. I hope that I’ll get a meal or two before we come back to Qatar. Insha Allah God willing. I’m sure that Hubby will forget everything about diet if I get to learn a meal from Mama, he-he!

Health is Wealth

I couldn’t asked for anything more for my family. When we were on our way to Mecca the other day, Hubby told me to wish for anything the first time I got the chance to look at the Qibla. I said to myself, “Allah is almighty and good and generous… having a good health for each of my loved ones is already a treasure and a gift from him to me…”.
All types of people, nationalities, disabled and sometimes ill, are there inside the mosque. There’s even one guy with amputated leg. Imagine his will to pray with thousands of people surrounding him. I said to myself that I’m one lucky person. There’s one person with suffering with a lot of diseases, let’s say Cancer, but it doesn’t stop them for being able to pray to God. Hope all of us will be the same too.We’ll be back in a few days from now to Qatar. Hopefully, I’ll be able to tell stories by then. For now, I need to review some stuff here in Jeddah too.

Barney Himself


DAY 166


He’s finally here with us. Hubby bought Julia his first Barney stuff toy. Aside from the DVD set that we bought for her, he also purchased this cute purple dinosaur for the little one. Now Julia’s happier than ever.

Online Booking

We had a great deal with our flight booking on the way here to Jeddah. My credit card bank has an offer of 25% off if you made booking online. Lucky us that hubby booked our flight at the right time. Life is easier thru credit card processing. Imagine the time we saved during this short period of time? According to hubby, the bank will credit the discounted air fare ticket by September. I hope we could get another offer then by November for our annual vacation to Philippines. I can’t wait – they (my family back home) can’t wait to see baby J.

We’re Here!

We arrived safely here in Jeddah the other day, Alhamdulillah!
My in-laws are happy to see us finally here in Jeddah. Yesterday, was one of the greatest and unforgettable moment of my life. I’ve never imagined that I’ll see the Qibla in Mecca for real. I thought that I was dreaming when we were on the way there. It took us 2 hours to travel to the city of Mecca, and half and hour by bus to go the the Holy Place itself. Oh my! I cried all the way while praying.
I’ll tell more of the story once we come back. I just borrowed my brother in law’s access to the internet to update. They have a room with office furniture that I thought I’m really in an office, he-he!

Gotta go for now. See you after what, 5 days I guess.

Red Shoes

DAY 164



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