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Day 111 – The 365 Days Project (from my Archive)

DAY 111


I had this picture taken during our vacation in the Philippines 2 years ago. It reminds me of my great grandmother who have just celebrated her 80+ birthday last week (but of course wasn’t able to blogged about it since my Mom just told me recently). I was looking for some photos of her but saw these creepy looking chair that gave me goose bumps on the side. I said to myself, I really need to post this.


My Lola, in English means Grandmother owns this 3 story house in Quezon City. And if I’m not mistaken, she and 3 helpers are leaving in that place. Fellow church members visit Lola’s house for 3 to 4x a week since they have a little chapel on the 2nd floor. We used to celebrate our annual family reunion in their house since the space is enough for 10 families and more. Imagine what a huge crowd we have during our parties. Yah right, crowded indeed.


My dad told me recently as well that after her last birthday, Lola right now got insured by one of best provider for  life insurance leads, with a good package for health insurance and other annuity for her safety as well. I miss my Lola. And we’re hoping to visit her on our vacation again.

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