Mother’s Day Loots

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I indulged myself most of the times with buying fashionable bags and clothes and yes, I do admit that I’m a vain with shoes. Now that Mother’s day is just around the corner, I need something for myself then. LOL! Excuses, excuses, hahaha!


So here’s my loots for the week. I went shopping with dear friend Mojo.


The plan was for her to buy her a new pair of working shoes and for me to search for my dream brown leather bag.


So I end up buying a bag and a shoe, while she bought a new jeans in MNG. Where did the plan go? Ask Mojo, hahaha!


ALDO Brown Leather Wedge Shoes is on sale  for only $50

DAY 112(1)


I know’ the color is too old but I’m totally obsessed with Anne Hathaway’s brown leather bag that she was using in the movie “The Bride Wars”. I watched the movie with my shopping mate Mojo and I told her that having a brown leather bag is a must. It can be paired with every type of clothes your wearing whether if it’s for jeans or for casual. I”m a mom, and having a toddler with you in the mall is one of the busiest if I may so for a mother’s time with her kids. So I opt to bring a bag full of things to put it, rather than bringing those small pouches that only wallet and a case of kikay or vanity kit  inside. So, I dragged my friend to search for the right bag. And after like 2 and 1/2 of searching in Villaggio Mall, tada! Result, H&M; Leather Brown Bag for $42. Not bad right?


DAY 112(2)

Day 112 – The 365 Days Project

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