Be Safe

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That’s what Edward Cullen (a fictional character in Twilight Saga) wrote in a book for her loved one, Isabella Swan. Oh my! I can’t wait for the third part to come out by next month.


Well the subject above is for a all the worker out there who uses work gloves  as one of the essential part of their day jobs. We were outside the city yesterday and I was really amazed because the city where we went to was like 90% populated by males. Well that’s because 100% of the occupants on that city are working as construction or a laborer here in Qatar. I salute them actually. They deserved a better compensation if I were to ask because they are all working hard and for me, they are being paid less than the usual. Anyway, I’ll talk about it in a latter time. For now, let’s all be safe and have a happy weekend everyone.

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