Potty Training: Checked!

imageAnd so I was tweeting a while ago and decided to blogged about it for record.


Yes! Today is special day for our little toddler. For the last few weeks actually, she’s showing off signs that she’s ready to do the thing in the toilet, but I’m the one not who’s not yet ready for it though. I was waiting for the right time and I didn’t know that the right time is now. I have a migraine and at the same time Julia’s a little bit feverish because of her booster shots this morning. So I needed to call off from work since everything is not doing well this morning. I slept from the time we arrived from the health center and woke up past 2 o’clock already. Ate a late lunch as well. Then slept back again. I wanted to make a review about irvingia gabonensis and it’s advantages with our health but I delayed it because I can’t even look up straight in the monitor for a long time. Hopefully tomorrow, I can finish this review then.


For the mean time, it was big leap for Julia’s milestone today. Weeew! Congratulations Mama!

Time: Checked!

I was just talking about watches on my other blog and wanted to a new one. I wanted to purchased one from an online friend but Hubby will be the one to buy it as a gift for Valentines and for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. Yah I know, super late for all it, but it’s better late than never.


Besides, we purchased in with a staff discount 35% for each products. So we grabbed the opportunity of buying 2. I’m a happy wife *insert a big grin here.



I was only looking for a branded Fossil watch, but Hubby said that this one fits perfect on me. So he said this will be the wedding gift. My first branded DKNY watch *insert a big grin here again.


Then I got shocked when he said, buy two. Whoa!!!!



He chose both designs. I wanted to pay half the total bill but he said no need since he owe me 2 celebrations. He-he! How about Mother’s Day? Joke! Now I’m stuck thinking what to give him for Father’s Day. Gulp!


Thank you Sweety. I love you not because you spoiled me with this loots, but because you make me happy always.

The Vanity in Me

I was looking over Michelle Phan’s (not updated) blog page and I’m finding myself watching her make-up tutorials every now and then. I wish I have the guts and that fashion in me to love make ups. I just recently posted my make up purse on my other blog actually, so I really do want to learn more on putting make up on my face but I’m scared of the result it will do after I put it in. I was browsing of ideas from her on how to remove those unwanted dark circles under eyes but I guess I’m not that ready yet to show up in public with a too much make up on my face, or I’m just too coward to face that fact that my face will still look dull, ha-ha!


So for the meantime, while readying myself with this make up thing challenge, I’m looking for some remedies to have a fairer and whiter skin. Oh my! Vanity vanity, not!

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