Unique Wedding

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Rej&OnealI was browsing over the live photo feed over one of the famous social networking website right now. And I came across one of my elementary classmate’s profile who recently tied the knot.

Have you ever seen a wedding with a Star Wars theme? Well, they are not the first one who did it, but for me, theirs is one of the unique weddings I’ve ever seen.

For some, they find it weird, but for me, it’s one of the best wedding ever. From the ring bearer, flower girls, bridesmaid up to the secondary sponsors, their dresses are designed beautifully and well planned by the couple themselves. It’s because both of them are legions of the Star Wars fan in the Philippines (I hope I got the group name right. Sounds the same, haha!). I haven’t seen the official photos of their wedding (and I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing it anyway), though they’ve uploaded some snap shots from their guests randomly and uploaded it over their Facebook account. I got the chance to had glimpse of their memorable moments together as they embraced each other welcoming marriage as their new path in their lives.

I wonder how their wedding napkins look like? I’m sure it ended up beautifully like their gowns. To the newly weds, Congratulations and best wishes!


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