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Day 97 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 97


I picked her up today from her day nanny and she was holding a doll bigger than this picture that she’s holding on to. Her nanny said that she don’t like to let it go. So when we came home, I opened one of Julia’s birthday gifts last year for her to play with. I was hesitant at first for her to play with her new Sweetie, but then I realized that it’ll be a good start for her to introduce how to care with things.




This toy kit includes a fake feeding bottle so every time I ask Julia “Where’s the baby?” she would run along to look for her Sweetie then I’ll ask her “Where’s her dodo?” – meaning “milk bottle”, she’ll run again looking for her bottle and will pretend to feed her in the mouth. Haha! Now, she plays along Sweetie hugging and kissing her too. I hope that when the time she will have a little brother or sister, she’ll hug him/her the same – less of the hitting in the head and banging on the wall LOL!


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