House Renovation

I spoke to my mom yesterday afternoon and she updated me regarding our bathroom plans and shared ideas regarding our lawn on how to renovate it. She had given some let’s say more or less budget for the project, and for that reason I need to save up (big time!). I’m looking over the net for some Quoizel lighting which is currently on sale. I hope I can get some ideas from it too.


We’re leaving for a vacation on November, and the renovation for the house are one of the issues I want to plan with my siblings. I do hope that we can get the best price in the market just in case. So help us God Allah for this upcoming project.

A Car Story

There was one time Hubby and I ordered food in a nearby fast food chain on the way home. Julia was in the midst of being on the negative side already, meaning she’s getting on her I’m-in-a-bad-mood state of behavior. I was sitting at the back when I asked my husband to pass on the fries for me to transfer Julia’s attention to. When the car turned on a hard right turn 2 blocks away from our street, the drinks fell off the floor mats of the our car.


So the desperate husband who so loves his car was now in a bad mood. Good thing we have the floor mats to protect some essential parts of the car. Hubby told me that there are so many accessories you need to put up inside our car. Aside from the additional looks that it’ll bring, it will give more protection to it. Right now our “Angel” have new mat on it because of what recently happened to the old one. Hubby’s looking for other accessories like dash kits, cargo liners and since it’ll be a rainy season in the Philippines soon, we’re on a search as well for a cheap wind deflectors for my dad. I’m checking right now some stuffs online for it, hope I can get a good deal. I came across Car ID and it’s various products being offered. I’ll be showing this to my husband to order to select the types of accessories he preferred to get.

Pool Party

DAY 105

Day 105 – The 365 Days Project


I found this over my Facebook account and I was surprised that a friend of mine took a shot of me and the little on while walking back and forth inside the house while waiting for the cab. Thanks Emily for this photo. Sorry the original photo was not that clear. So I tried my best to make a little effort for it, hehe! Sorry. I’m still in the learning process for PS.


We went to visit a friend of mine who give birth recently and at the same time, me and my friends had a pool party and ate pizza. Yummy! We couldn’t stop ourselves on not to forget talking and exchanging our points of views about the best weight loss supplement in the market online. One of my friend feels like she needed one while the other feels the opposite, so where I am at that point? Of course I’m in between! Haha! I need to gain weight and once it happened, I need to loose weight, but of course we need to something for the gaining weight first.


So, how was the pool party? It was fun. Julia and I dipped in the water around 5:30pm when the sun was about to set in. I can’t wait for the evening since I’m afraid that Julia might catch cold especially since she was not feeling well for the last few days. The rest of the girls came in around 6:30pm, but unfortunately that was the time we needed to dress up since I felt like Julia’s getting cold already. We left Flora’s humble house around 9pm and arrived home safely by 10pm. Today was a very productive day. Too bad though  we weren’t able to visit the dentist to have our braces adjusted. We’ll set another day for that then.


Here are some photos to share (grabbed from Emily’s FB account):


Me and the little one.



(L): Maricel, Ceejhay and dear friend Mojo



Emily and Jenny



Dear friend Ceejhay and Julia

iPad Lover

The iPad is here!


My first impression was, it’s big! And it’s handy of course. But in my opinion, it’s not practical enough for a user like me to buy this gadget. It’s more on a I WANT IT not the I NEED IT device.


Day 104 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 104


I don’t want to disappoint you guys, I know that iPad now a days is one of the hottest gadgets in town. And it’s really a good one, but it’s not really practical enough for a typical person like me who spend more than 12hours online. I guess, a person who’s always on the go and is really in need of accessing his online thing, iPad is good to go. I hope that they can have the flash application ready for this though. If that’s the case, Facebook users will definitely but this in order to stay online with their FB games, haha! You need to learn more if you want to know the product and to maximize it’s uses. I love my iPhone but in the end, all of us has it’s own points of views in life. Buy it or not, it’s still an Apple product so in the end, I still love it.

Another Update

Haven’t had the chance to blog lately. I’m sorry.


Julia’s sick. Teething and still her bowel movement is not normal. We tried to look for prune juice the other day at the market, but they don’t have it here. Someone advised me to check on the souq area (one of the hardest parking place ever in Doha, ugh!)Sigh… So for alternative, I’m feeding Julia oat meal for breakfast. Hope it helps.


I wasn’t able to go to work yesterday and missed to attend our weekly meeting with our head department. But I’m happy that our managers have a warm heart understanding the needs of a family in cases of emergencies like these.


I’m currently going over my Google reader to check updates with everyone. In just a day, I have like 70+ unread items already. Wow! I have friends who blogs a lot. Nice! I have a week of un-posted projects. Dear Tracy, sorry…

Oh another thing that worries me was that a friend of mine who I recently took pregnancy photos gave birth already at 35 weeks only. We took the maternity shots last Thursday and the next day she texted me saying that they went in the emergency the next morning since she had continuous bleeding. She said that she’s on 1cm already according to her doctor, which is not a good sign since the baby’s not yet due. Saturday, she updated me again and said that she gave birth already. WHAT??? Both of them are safe Alhamdulillah Thanks God. Baby Zaniya’s fine – small as my friend described, but it’s normal for a 35 weeks new born baby. We’ll be seeing her on Thursday. Hopefully Julia’s well by then. I’m not yet finish with her pregnancy portraits, and now – new born shots awaits. Sigh… what a busy week. Thankful for that actually.


Can’t stay too long. Take care a guys! Happy Tuesday!


Hubby and friend is addicted with watching soccer. That Julia’s learning to say “shoot!” and even cheering for “goal!!!!”. Well, Gulf people’s favorite past time is playing soccer. And during the times without games live on TV, hubby will play along with his good friends in PSP. Sometimes I can’t understand men and their favorites. It changes all sudden just like the wind – ehem ehem! As if I’m not a woman who has lots of thinking too before deciding into something, especially if it’s something to buy, hehe! Well, so here’s a shoot of Julia’s favorite ball. Hubby bought this a few a months after she was born. Hubby said to himself that Julia will love soccer like his dad. Huh! Proud daddy.


DAY 102 

Champions League is currently on going. And Hubby’s betting on Barcelona while his friend is Internazionale. Goodluck to both teams on Wednesday for their match– don’t ask me more about it, I don’t know much anymore, LOL!

PS Actions

Thanks to dear friend Chikai, for giving me some of the basic techniques in Photoshop. Before I used to play along the contrast, brightness and lots of guessing with the Photoshop photo editing. But now, it made it easier for me to make a wonderful photo look so real. I love this lamp shade.


DAY 101


Day 101 – The 365 Days Project