Earthquake Hits Philippines

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My Uncle and I was chatting a while ago about North Carolina health insurance since he was thinking of moving in that location probably after a month or two, and wants assurance that he’ll be on the safe side once he retires. Speaking of being safe, Twitter friends alerted us that a magnitude of 6.1 hits the Philippines and the epicenter is in Mindoro. I sent an SMS to my parents back home to check on them. But they texted back saying that the shaking was mild, close to magnitude of 4. Some friends were even on 25th floor of one of the buildings in the City and it shook him big time. The last time I experienced an earthquake was last year 2000, I think. I was asleep on the floor bed when suddenly I found the window curtain swaying away back and forth. I stood up seeing my sister knocking on the door of my parents’ room. We all went out in the living room area and then it stopped. We anxiously wait for an aftershock since according to scientists, aftershocks is more dangerous than the first one. Thank God nothing happened after that. It didn’t let me go back to sleep though. Sigh… hope mother earth stay still and let’s all pray for our safety.

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