Day 76 – The 365 Days Project

And here we go…


It’s the last day of the month. I’m ending up my Project 365 with a total of 76 photos. You can still join us with Tracy and the rest of the team. It’s not too late. Click on logo below to find the home page and get to know more about the The 365  Days Project.


So to sum up this month’s project, here’s a calculator to sum up as well the budget for next month. LOL!


DAY 76

Day 75 – The 365 Days Project

As you may have noticed, most of my photos for this week can be found near my computer – or should I say, things to use for my computer. Well, it’s because it’s almost end of the month and I need to update a lot of reports. This is my second time submitting End reports to the big boss and I’m thankful that I find no hassle on the way – throwing away that jinks. The transition of my previous supervisor and I was smoothly done, that he prepared me in an earlier stage handling reports already. It was an advantage on my side especially since he made me more ready to become and handle the position that I have right now. Blessed and very thankful for a job well done.


DAY 75

Busy as a Bee

A friend will be moving in by Wednesday. If everything turns out in it’s place. He’ll be occupying one room and the other room will serve as an entertainment area. The guys will set up their PS3 and their DVD players inside that room so that they could play along with the rest of the group. The veranda door will be open so that fresh air can come in during their game. So here’s one that’s making me busy. I’m moving out and moving in some stuff from the other room. Sigh…

Aside from that, since Saturday, me and my team counted all stocks in our shop. We’re making sure that everything is counted perfectly and there will be no discrepancies just in case the finance do the their own counting. I’m working in sales by  the way, so we’re dealing as well with these barcode scanners that helps us with our POS system too. I’m enjoying my job and I’m thankful to have one with all the recession going on globally, even though it’s getting tougher and tougher. But as they say, as the going gets tough, the tough gets it going – please correct me on this if it’s wrong, haha!

By the way, yesterday I took my formal suit that I asked to resized. So this morning, a brand new me came in to work. A big help for Mojo for helping me out on this.

Goodnight for now. Need to wake up early tomorrow for another day at work.

Day 74 – The 365 Days Project

Well, there’s a story for this mysterious webcam of mine. I was fixing some stuff this afternoon when suddenly I saw Julia eating it’s heads off! Haha! It was quiet amazing how this device handled my toddler’s growing teeth. Lucky him – Mr. Creative that is, nothing wrong happened, except of course a few bite marks on the back of his head – but not serious though.


DAY 74

Day 72 – The 365 Days Project

I know there’s nothing special about this photo. But just want to share you my new addiction. Yes, you read it right ADDICTION. I’m addicted on playing this “Plants vs Zombies” that after updating my status on Tweeter, I found out too that dear friend Shey was on it before and she said that she finished the game already and played it again from the beginning. Haha!




Actually, a soon to be mom ate (big sister in Tagalog which is my native language from the Philippines) Jelly and husband kuya (big brother on the other hand) Rouel was the one who transferred this game on my USB. They visited our shop one night while I was fixing barcode scanner because I just closed a sale that time. So after saying our HELLO’s and HI’s, I asked the her what was up with her lately aside from her sleeping all day of course, she said that she’s playing this game. Okay, so I got curious and all so I ask her husband to transfer the game for me then.


Now the bad thing about it is that this game is available as well in the Apple store which makes my hands close to this on pressing the BUY button… stop me, stop me, haha! I’ll buy the game sooner of later — yah right, excuses? Hahaha!

{Uber} Late Party LO

So what’s up with my latest hobby? Here’s my 6th layout for 2010. I’m still in the process of the shadow techniques. I’m still waiting actually for the ISP to unblock one of the forums that I joined into. There’s so many tips I can learn from that site. My blog friends are all into it as well so I’m hoping that I can get tips from it. For now, I’m using my instinct and my imagination on how my layout will look like. Hmmm… so what do you think of this? Not bad for late party layout for Julia. I should’ve made one for her 2nd birthday instead, right? Haha!



Day 70 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 70


These toy was given to us during our flight going to Syria last year for our annual vacation leave. Each year before our flights, I usually check some life insurance rate online. I have fear in heights by the way. But I conquer it because since 7 years old, my parents brought me back and forth every year by plane from Saudi Arabia to Philippines and back again. I love sitting beside the window and looking over that fantastic cloud forms up in the air. I used to imagine that they are cotton candies and would love to have a bite or two. Insha Allah – God willing, this September we could have a quick vacation in preparation for my sister in law’s wedding celebration. Can’t wait for it. Julia will be riding her 2nd trip by plane.

Earthquake Hits Philippines

My Uncle and I was chatting a while ago about North Carolina health insurance since he was thinking of moving in that location probably after a month or two, and wants assurance that he’ll be on the safe side once he retires. Speaking of being safe, Twitter friends alerted us that a magnitude of 6.1 hits the Philippines and the epicenter is in Mindoro. I sent an SMS to my parents back home to check on them. But they texted back saying that the shaking was mild, close to magnitude of 4. Some friends were even on 25th floor of one of the buildings in the City and it shook him big time. The last time I experienced an earthquake was last year 2000, I think. I was asleep on the floor bed when suddenly I found the window curtain swaying away back and forth. I stood up seeing my sister knocking on the door of my parents’ room. We all went out in the living room area and then it stopped. We anxiously wait for an aftershock since according to scientists, aftershocks is more dangerous than the first one. Thank God nothing happened after that. It didn’t let me go back to sleep though. Sigh… hope mother earth stay still and let’s all pray for our safety.

Day 69 – The 365 Days Project

“Drive Safely!” – these are the usual words I say to my husband before he leaves the house and after he picks up the little one from the baby sitter. Yes, I’m a very sensitive person with regards to road safety. After giving birth, I asked Hubby if we can talk to an agent that can provide us with an auto insurance quote. So good thing we were able to check something online to get that information. I’ll be giving this information as well to a friend who leaves in California. Hope it helps her out too since I heard that she’s finishing her driving school by May, so might as well be insured before driving.


DAY 69


This a the front logo of our car. We went out to give Julia a ride to the park and thankful that she enjoyed her day. When we reached the house, she’s slept like a log.

Knocking Opportunities

I’m thankful to have achieved another exciting part of my life in the blogosphere. I’ve been waiting for this like what, 2 or 3 years maybe. And finally, the waiting is over.


I have so many blog friends and most of them are working on their daily task online. I started to blog for personal reasons. One is to improve my writing skills, to keep notes of important journeys in my life, and to share ideas to and fro. In blogging, I had gain lots of online friends. I met ate (Sister in English) Cynch, ate Litzie, Shaye, and got close to them thru Tweeter too.


Blogging is a learning process. I learned how do digital scrapbooking – and that’s thru Shey who was so eager to help me out online. And a lot more.


Lately, I have this on going 365 Days Project which I learned from Tracy that can enhance my skills in photography – although most of the times, I’m just using my mobile to shoot photos, LOL!


People have inspired me thru blogging. And all of them can be found over my blog roll list. All of them (too many to mention) made a major part of my life in the blogosphere. And I thank you all for that. You don’t know how much it means to me *teary eyed, huhu!


Anyway, there’s so much things that needs to be taught and learn and focus to. And that will come in the days to come. Wish me luck for it.

Day 68 – The 365 Days Project

DAY 68

Can’t get enough of her cute feet. I love every bit of it. She was asleep when I took this shot. Look at those tiny toes and the cute baby fat under it. Julia’s feet is exactly like her father. A copy cat from head to toe. The moment I gave birth to Julia, I immediately count her finger and toes if it’s complete. Don’t know what came up to me, but mother’s instinct is to check if her baby’s fine right? Or should I say, complete? So that’s what I did. Sounds funny but it’s true.

So I’m off for now, need to check online for some riding boots. My friend loves riding horses and she asked me if I can help her find a good one for her.