Bad day!

I’m so not in a good mood!


Everything is not falling into place.


It all started when one of the customers asked assistance with his GPRS connection. It’s not may fault that he’s stupid (sorry for the word) not to know anything about WIFI connectivity. He doesn’t have the right to a mobile at all because he’s that ignorant to use a device with such facilities. The nerve to shout back at me and asking why I disconnected his wifi connection – first of all, he’s accessing OUR secured wifi connection. He doesn’t have the rights at all to use that connection in the first place. May gawd!!! People like him deserve to use NOKIA 1110i or other units which is obsolete already. Grrrrr…


I’m starting a week instead of irate free, irate full!

Finally Engaged…

Today sets the engagement day of Hubby’s sister.


I’m sad because we’re not there to witness one of her special events in her life. The wedding is set on the September 2010 if everything falls into place, Insha Allah – God willing. We’re trying to work out a plan as early as now if we could attend the celebration or not. We have a lot of things to consider. I’m really praying to attend this wedding. Hubby’s sister the last girl in the family who will get to be wed, then it’s his brother’s turn. For brothers it’s okay not to attend the event since it’s a guy thing you know, but for us girls, it’s like a must for us to share the joys of being married. Insha Allah really we can do something for it.


Our vacation to Philippines is this coming November. We have to consider first our savings for our vacation. We’re not sure if we can afford to attend the event if it’s only a month apart for each travel. I’m not sure if the airlines will still allow us to pay half for Julia’s air fare ticket, so that’s one thing we have to consider.


If everything falls into place this end of the month, I could like save 2 months for that event. For now, we need to save as much as we can for our vacation and then we’ll consider attending the wedding.

1 – 3 – 2

Time flies so fast! My golly! Today is our Julia turned 15 months. It seems like yesterday. Sheesh!
Here’s an updates to Julia’s growth development as of this day:
  • She can say “WOW!” whenever she’s amazed.
  • She knows how to say “NO” if you warned her not to do things.
  • She counts starting with “TWOOOOO…” – yes, and a long “ooooo” side note on that, LOL!
  • She tries to jump but cannot. Guess she’s still too small for that, Haha!
  • She still love hearing music.
  • She dance – a lot!
  • She grooves, oh yeah Baby!
  • She likes kissing Papa and Mama – awww… this make me very emotional really. Especially if I’m coming home from work, the moment she sees me, she’s happy and excited, but let’s face the fact that she’s not that really excited like seeing her father. Huh! Jealous? Nah! LOL!
  • She sleeps when the lights are turned off.
  • She loves throwing things – don’t ask me why. Imagine yourself watching a good movie, suddenly you’ll see stars above you… You’ve been hit by a remote control! Hahaha!
  • Alhamdulillah! She eats a lot. Not continuous but she eats little by little.
  • She points at a lot of things – do I see dead people here or what? Haha!
  • She’s still invading her father’s laptop. No change at all.
  • We noticed that she loves watching cartoons so much that if it’s Barney on, rest assured that her eyes are focused that you cannot ever take her attention away from it.
  • I noticed as well that she’s small at her age… shucks! I pray that she grow tall. I don’t like her to take my height. It’ll be a back fire on me, hehe!
  • Lastly, she can say “MAMA” and “PAPA”. Finally!

Jabba What?

It’s Jabbawockeez


Hmmm… it took me like 5 minutes to perfectly pronounce this group’s name.




Never heard of them – just now.


My friend of mine uploaded – overload, of photos of them over her Facebook account and a lot of people are so in to this dance group. I know that I’m not the last person who have heard about them but not to my surprise, after seeing a couple of their moves, WOW! That’s all I can say.


They are like a replica of the winners of last years’ British Got Talent contestants, The Diversity. Not really a replica but the same ideas of dance steps. Though Diversity’s ideas is less on the break dance or street movements. My eyes went gaga over this group. It was one of Susan Boyle’s contenders for last season. It’s great competition, that I can say it’s really fair that they won for this season. Even Simon was fascinated with their final act. Whoah!



I’m waiting for the good news… it’s Wednesday as we speak and it’s another day off for me. Will have time to play with Julia and a lot of talking with my better half.


Haaayyy… time flies so fast. I was told that my long-been praying for will be announced this end of the month. I’ve been praying for it for so long now that sometimes I feel like, it’s just all in the dreams.


Well, I just have to wait… waiting will do no harm right? and besides, everything happens for a reason. If waiting will be the result for a success, then might as well wait it for. It’s worth it :)

Lost Photos

There’s nothing new for me this past few days except my eyeglasses.


Busy with work and work and lastly work. I was browsing thru my iPhone’s notes last night and I found my daily notes during our vacation to Syria. And I suddenly remember that I haven’t blogged about our vacation last year.


Well, sad to say but all our photos during our vacation in Lebanon and Syria for 2009 got deleted by accident. I was able to upload some photos on my FB account but all behind the scenes photos, videos and even Julia’s solo pictures with the rest of the family are gone! Huhu!


But the good thing about this is that my FIL have a copy of everything because before we left, I was able to back up all photos on his laptop. But unfortunately, I will not be able to see him until they come here for a visit. Insha Allah by April or May. Guess will be ranting a lot of it next time. But I’ll try to blog some during my offs. Just to make sure I have back up notes as well, LOL!


… that’s what the ophthalmologist said after my eye check up a week ago. A result of having –75 left and right. I blogged about it here.


So now, presenting my new eye wear – hubby’s hoping it’ll be the last, LOL!


I paid more than expected. The first eyeglass that I bought was big on my face. I made the wrong choice so I have to pay the price for it. I thought that the frame was good on me, well – that’s what I thought. But good thing I realized that it’s big on me really so we have it changed the next day.



I decided to choose a black with a shade of dark green to make it more feminine. I can match it with types of clothing.


“I see you…” – Avatar, LOL!



Now I can see people from a far. Before I used to close my eyes half way in order to recognized their faces. Thank God to Benjamin Franklin for his works and ideas. Imagine the world without eyeglasses… I think we’ll stick to the old school magnifying glass. But how about those people who drives? Oh oh!

Be Cozy

I was looking for some living rooms designs for our future home, and I came over this image and I can’t get off it on my mind. Sigh… Insha Allah God willing, we can be as cozy as this sofa is.

living-room-pottery-barn[1]The lightings coming out from the terrace is perfect. I like the idea of having an L-shape sofa. It’ll make you feel more relax and you could sleep in it in any way you want. Love it, love it, love it! The color is perfect. I was really thinking of having a beige colored wall or a dark grey to avoid the clutter it might have in the future. Pure white is not a good idea for our family since you’ll never know what kids have in their minds, haha!

The Songbird & The Songwriter

For those of you whose a fan of Regine Velasquez and Ogie Alcasid, well I’m one of you now. Haha! Regine is truly a great performer. Ever since I was a kid, her songs are always playing on the local radio stations and even in movies, I find her a good actress as well. She’s a very talented woman I may say. Ogie on the other hand, well his career was not that popular like before but I like his songs even before. His personal life has a big impact I guess on his career. Well, we all have our own opinions and for me, whatever it is that will make both of them happy – well it’s up to them. They are not abiding in any laws anyway. They are humans also who has their own rights.


What am I talking about here? Well, anyway, I would like to share with you some photos of last night’s concert. It was such a wonderful experience. The songs they played was all a hit.

Songbird SongwriterSongbirdSongwriter


As of this time, they are in Dubai right now performing the same concert. My cousin is there and I’m sure that she’ll be watching their performance as well.

Just an Update

Julia’s sick…


Her upper tooth is coming out and at the same time she have a clogged nose. Which is giving her a hard time especially last night to sleep well. She keeps on moving from time to time finding the right position for her to be comfortable in sleeping.


I gave her medicines already a while ago so just to make sure fever will not hit in. I’m praying for a fast recovery as always.

The Love Month

Love is to think about someone else
more times in a day than
you think about yourself.


“ Where there is love, there is life.”

- Mohandas Gandhi


You’ll be seeing a lot of this for the next couple of days… haha!


2nd month of the new year 2010. Time flies so fast. January is truly the fastest month of the whole year. So where are you going to take your love one of Valentines day? Hubby and I have no plans – not yet, but of course we have to consider the presence of the little one. So I know for sure, hearts day will always be a family day. It’s always a hearts day for me and I’m so blessed to have such a loving husband – promise! hehe! Don’t know what to give for v-day but I’m looking over some things that he needs in work. Hmm… tick-tock-tick-tock… good thing the pay day just arrived. All I need to do now is to squeeze time to organize a shopping day during this week.


This weekend, we’ll watch a concert with my girl friends and Hubby’s going to baby sit Julia for the night. Hope he can cope up with it. I can make it up to him the next day, hehe!