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Blogging again thru my mobile. My PC’s still not ok. Hubby can’t fixed it until Wednesday. So for the meantime, I have to use my phone to write up what’s going on.

Valentines’ surely over. We removed the valentines day decoration on our window display yesterday morning. And I bagged it up for next year’s hearts day. Insha Allah, I’ll still be there working with the same company.

Well, I just noticed that I’ve been blogging and surfing the net most of the times thru my phone that I’ve forgotten a lot of my FB games. There was a time that I got addicted to Cafe’s World and me and my friends used to beat each other up on who has the fastest growing restaurant. But because of my un-organized schedule, I abandoned all of my addictions with FB games. I don’t feel thrilled anymore with all of it. There’s a lot of hackers who contributed on cheating up their scores so it made me say to myself that it’s all not a fair game so why bother playing all of it. Right?

So for now, I’m closing my doors for FB games. Will wait until my mojo comes back for it.

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