Dining Table

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Someone told me that the best and perfect way to bond with the family is at the dining table. Probably because this is where all families sit together and rant about their day sometimes and usually unusual topics are being opened up while eating and it’ll all start by the sentence “So Sweety, how was your day?”. Well, our future address doesn’t a big space for a long table that 10 people can sit it and eat together, but we have allotted like 4 or 6 chairs that can sit in.


In this dining table, 4 people can sit only because of the fixed stand on the table. I was thinking of this one but then what if more people will come, it’ll be hard to pull a chair in between – knowing that there will be no space for it.

Kirkwood Dining Table


And here’s another idea as well. The sit covers are nice and clean looking. But I’m worried about the white color. But the good thing about it is that the table stand is round so no worries at all to add another chair.

Harvest Pedestal Dining Table


Well, we can always sit up the living room to eat and we’ll just set up the table for the food. Our family’s used to eat in the living room while watching TV, and if there’s a special guest, we’ll all set the table and eat in the dining area. Insha Allah God willing, we can have this set up as well in our future address.

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