Childhood Friends

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I was browsing FB this morning and I came across two people who were very close to me when we were still at the age of 6 and 7 years old. They were my childhood playmates. I lost track of them when I left to stay with my parents and continue my primary school and secondary school in Saudi Arabia. I still remember that we used to write snail mails before, but I guess writing isn’t that fun especially if you can find good friends who can stay with you all the day.


I haven’t seen them both for a long time.


Except for Playmate #1 who were able to keep in touch with me before I left to Qatar. We had dinner at Antipolo and had dates with 2 guys who happened to live in the same subdivision where we live. After that, I lost track of her again. But during my Friendster days addiction, we were still exchanging messages every now and then and she was shocked because she found out that I got married thru viewing my photos. Well, she shocked me as well because that time she just broke up with her long term boyfriend who chose his career over love. I consider Playmate #1 as my childhood best friend. She’s currently working at one of the best and famous company who holds a big name in let’s say “nutrition” in the Philippines and I’m so proud of her for making it this far. She had grown successful in work and beautiful young lad – and I think she’s happy and content with her love life right now. I can see it in her smiles.


Playmate #2 is now engaged with her long time boyfriend –  I think. Saw it in her photos in FB. I miss this girl so much! We haven’t talked for like ages. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her in person. Come to think that we used to play every afternoon in their house that I used to stalked out of the house and escape the afternoon nap time just to play games with her. But we have different perspective in life. I’m a person who can stay in the house all day and can watch cartoons, while she’s type of person who can stay out with friends and mingle with different people. Well that’s what I think. She has a strong personality and she forgets while I don’t. We used to be close, much closer that Playmate #1, but then again our friendship is not special I guess. I don’t know where she’s working right now. I don’t even know where she is. But I know she’s happy with what life has given her.


All I can say is that I surely miss both of them and they’ll always be my childhood friends.

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