For Julia


It’s not too late to make a layout for Julia’s first picture after giving birth.


This was taken by my Mom thru her 6030 mobile. Mother knows best, hehe! I’m still getting around tweaking tools in PhotoShop and thankful for some YouTube tutorials online, I’m getting the hang of it. I’m not giving up. I can do this.

First Layout

forushe Last night online friend Shey stayed online with me and teach me basic stuff with digiscrapping. I had fun and I said to myself that finally, I’m able to do it with PhotoShop! I was using the old school PhotoImpact. I thought at first that I will not be able to do it, but I did! And I’m proud of myself.


Mommy Kaje adviced me to join the Pinoy Digiscrappers to get ideas however, the address is blocked here. Need to ask hubby to get me something to work on it – as soon as possible.


I’m getting the hang of it. I love the creations of my big sisters ate Litzie, Mommy Kaje, Ms Jenny L., Shaye, Chikai and Diane. Oh men! You should see their layouts. So real! Diane too is one of my favorite digi scrapper. Her ideas are so unique. I only have like 8 elements on this layout, and it took me an hour. Her layouts have dozens of elements. It’ll take me a month to create such, LOL! I’m having a hard time bringing the elements backward and upward and on top, ugh! Lots of tweaking to do and tutorials to learn from. I’ll learn from it… slowly but surely. Insha Allah.

Online Purchases

A dear friend online ate Faye is selling genuine Coach bags. I’m helping her out to sell here in Qatar as well. My colleague just received their purchases two days ago and I’m so happy that they love it. My friend bought two bags and I’m thankful that the transaction went well – slight delays but better late than never.


Coach Madison Ikat Op Art Sabrina Satchel Bag / Coach Sabrina-fushia

(photo grabbed from ate Fely’s FB page)



And here’s for our “mudel” Adnan – Fossil Men’s Chronograph watch

(photo grabbed from his tweetpic upload)



I’m thankful that both of them liked the product, especially dear friend Adnan. He drooled over it actually, hahaha! I’m thankful as well that the packages arrived safe and again no signs of harm.

Right Time

The time is always right to do what is right.
Martin Luther King, Jr.


And yes, there’s always a right time for everything and everything has the right time. Hubby and I watched last night “Sex and The City – The Movie” on OSN Network and we had fun watching the movie. Hubby was hesitated at first with it, but after a lot of convincing, he was able to finish the movie with a question “When’s the part 2 coming out?” – ah… hmm… he’s that excited? Ah yap! He’s actually curious regarding Samantha’s role. LOL! Guys will always be guys.


Well, there was a part when Carrie and Miranda was having a valentines dinner and Miranda admitted that she said something to Mr. Big that made him decide on marrying Carrie and of course we all know that it made a big impact on Mr. Big’s decision reason why for the last minute he backed out. Well, Carrie asked Miranda, “When’s the right time?”, so it happened that there’s always a right time for saying the truth.


Well, tomorrow I have to work again. And I’ll be facing another week of work loads. Will be talking one on one with the team, and I have the feeling that tomorrow’s the right time to make it right.

Childhood Friends

I was browsing FB this morning and I came across two people who were very close to me when we were still at the age of 6 and 7 years old. They were my childhood playmates. I lost track of them when I left to stay with my parents and continue my primary school and secondary school in Saudi Arabia. I still remember that we used to write snail mails before, but I guess writing isn’t that fun especially if you can find good friends who can stay with you all the day.


I haven’t seen them both for a long time.


Except for Playmate #1 who were able to keep in touch with me before I left to Qatar. We had dinner at Antipolo and had dates with 2 guys who happened to live in the same subdivision where we live. After that, I lost track of her again. But during my Friendster days addiction, we were still exchanging messages every now and then and she was shocked because she found out that I got married thru viewing my photos. Well, she shocked me as well because that time she just broke up with her long term boyfriend who chose his career over love. I consider Playmate #1 as my childhood best friend. She’s currently working at one of the best and famous company who holds a big name in let’s say “nutrition” in the Philippines and I’m so proud of her for making it this far. She had grown successful in work and beautiful young lad – and I think she’s happy and content with her love life right now. I can see it in her smiles.


Playmate #2 is now engaged with her long time boyfriend –  I think. Saw it in her photos in FB. I miss this girl so much! We haven’t talked for like ages. I can’t even remember the last time I saw her in person. Come to think that we used to play every afternoon in their house that I used to stalked out of the house and escape the afternoon nap time just to play games with her. But we have different perspective in life. I’m a person who can stay in the house all day and can watch cartoons, while she’s type of person who can stay out with friends and mingle with different people. Well that’s what I think. She has a strong personality and she forgets while I don’t. We used to be close, much closer that Playmate #1, but then again our friendship is not special I guess. I don’t know where she’s working right now. I don’t even know where she is. But I know she’s happy with what life has given her.


All I can say is that I surely miss both of them and they’ll always be my childhood friends.

Dining Table

Someone told me that the best and perfect way to bond with the family is at the dining table. Probably because this is where all families sit together and rant about their day sometimes and usually unusual topics are being opened up while eating and it’ll all start by the sentence “So Sweety, how was your day?”. Well, our future address doesn’t a big space for a long table that 10 people can sit it and eat together, but we have allotted like 4 or 6 chairs that can sit in.


In this dining table, 4 people can sit only because of the fixed stand on the table. I was thinking of this one but then what if more people will come, it’ll be hard to pull a chair in between – knowing that there will be no space for it.

Kirkwood Dining Table


And here’s another idea as well. The sit covers are nice and clean looking. But I’m worried about the white color. But the good thing about it is that the table stand is round so no worries at all to add another chair.

Harvest Pedestal Dining Table


Well, we can always sit up the living room to eat and we’ll just set up the table for the food. Our family’s used to eat in the living room while watching TV, and if there’s a special guest, we’ll all set the table and eat in the dining area. Insha Allah God willing, we can have this set up as well in our future address.

Gallon of Milk

We went to our friend’s house this evening to change moods. Hubby went to play with his friend while I enjoyed my time with my girl friends. And here’s Julia enjoying her time filling up this gallon with milk, leaving her bottle half empty! LOL! I thought she was just playing around with the gallon but then I found her unusually quiet so when I came to look at her, instead of scolding her, I took my phone and took a photo of her. LOL!


Look at that look? As if she bites!

“Don’t mess around with me now, I’m focusing on filing up this gallon with my milk. Planning to have it delivered to Haiti babies.”



iPhone Apps – Games

I love Apple Store!!!

Since FB games is not on my list, I find myself addicted now to iPhone games. Yesterday I just downloaded again another games name “Chocolate”. And I’m loving every phase of the game. It made me pissed of because I’m getting a perfect score though. Just reached round 9 and from then on I can’t have a perfect score.

It’s so hard not to mention that I’m just on the Easy level. Ugh! What more if I shifted to like Medium or Hard category. Don’t like to think about it – not now.

I’m done with Farm Frenzy, Diner Dash, Cooking Dash and Tower Bloxx. It’s time to clear up another record for Chocolate.

FB Games

Blogging again thru my mobile. My PC’s still not ok. Hubby can’t fixed it until Wednesday. So for the meantime, I have to use my phone to write up what’s going on.

Valentines’ surely over. We removed the valentines day decoration on our window display yesterday morning. And I bagged it up for next year’s hearts day. Insha Allah, I’ll still be there working with the same company.

Well, I just noticed that I’ve been blogging and surfing the net most of the times thru my phone that I’ve forgotten a lot of my FB games. There was a time that I got addicted to Cafe’s World and me and my friends used to beat each other up on who has the fastest growing restaurant. But because of my un-organized schedule, I abandoned all of my addictions with FB games. I don’t feel thrilled anymore with all of it. There’s a lot of hackers who contributed on cheating up their scores so it made me say to myself that it’s all not a fair game so why bother playing all of it. Right?

So for now, I’m closing my doors for FB games. Will wait until my mojo comes back for it.

Valentines Day Tag

It’s been a while since my last meme. So for a change, thanks to Amina for the tag.


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Trip over love, you can get up.  Fall in love and you fall forever.  ~Author Unknown



I’m tagging randomly with my eyes close hmmm…. ate Anney, Maria, Mommy Enchie, Mommy  Chris, Mommy Joy and Sis Shey. Let me know please if yours is done so that I can check back. Thank you.

What’s for Vday?

I had to go to work today so nothing special for today, but for me Valentines days is always everyday. Sounds mushy but true. Spending every night with my family, hugs and kisses from Julia, that’s everything for me.


We went to look for my wish gift for this year’s valentines day last Friday, but the thing I wanted is currently – unfortunately again, out of stock. This is the 2nd time my wish list is delayed. Like last year for my birthday, I asked hubby to buy me a guitar as his gift. The guitar that I wanted was out of stock again so we need to wait like a week, he was able to buy it but not on the same date of my birthday.


Last year, Hubby bought me my abaya, you know the black dress that Arab women used to wear here in the Middle East. It’s an obligatory for Muslim women to wear it (this applies to those Muslim people who follows the rules). It will hide their body shapes and as a sign of security as well. Well for this year, I guess our gifts for each other will have a 2 days delayed. We have plans this Wednesday, if it pushes thru, I’ll blog about it and will let you know.

Happy Hearts Day

For you see, each day I love you more
Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
~Rosemonde Gerard


Happy Valentines Day!

May this day brings you lots of hugs and kisses + gifts from your love ones.