Life’s Unfair

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There are some times that you say to yourself that Life’s unfair. Why? Because even if you deserve it, you’ll not get it.

But eventough things are not in place, you just have to believe in yourself that things will turn out ok. Patience is a virtue for those who waits. Sigh…

I’m tired of waiting…

I’m tired of thinking what’s good for the others, I think it’s time for me to think of myself this time.

Emo? Yup! Just ranting out some bad aura that happened this morning at work. Sigh!!! Such a lost to that person. He don’t know what’s he’s doing so for that, I forgive that person for being an innocent, un-professional, lack of work ethic, to make it short this person should attend again the GMRC (Good Moral and Right Conduct) which is being given to children in school at the ages 7 to 13. Haha!

Kidding aside, got to go everyone! Till next emo post. LOL!

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