Lovely Bones

Hubby and I just watched The Lovely Bones a while ago. We bought caramel popcorn in the near the Mall beside us and ordered McDonalds Mc Royale for a change. We watched it with Julia jumping up and down on the bed. She just kept shouting every time I will like scream for a suspense part of the movie, haha! There was a seen when Suzie’s sister was walking along the street with her dog, the dork started barking at the murderer’s house, suddenly instead of being so focused on the movie, Hubby and I looked at each other because Julia was sounding like coughing but not – it sounded like a bark of the dog but not really. But then we knew that she’s copying the dog’s bark because even when the dog was no longer on the scene, she still kept on saying “Aaahh…Aaahhh” like she’s coughing on to something, hahaha!


The Lovely Bones


Anyway, I find the movie nice and all that. But I was kinda disappointed with the ending. The girl’s body wasn’t found or I probably they found it but the director decided not to show it or I don’t know. The murderer was really a crazy lunatic killing 6 kids and the youngest was 6 years old. The set was based from 60’s to 70’s so you’ll expect that the police will not have that control over technology in finding a way towards the girl’s body. Hubby actually said that not me, hehe! I was like this close to calling C.S.I.! Haha! But I give 6/10 stars for the film for the costumes and effects.


The lesson for the movie for me is “DON’T TALK TO STRANGERS!” – I’ll take note of that and be passed on to Julia.

Baby Shower

Jelly's Baby Shower(L) ate Bernie, Ada, Ceejhay, Me, Joana and ate Jelly (the soon to be Mom)


My friend just recently held her baby shower last night. She’s on her 5th month of pregnancy and it’s confirmed “IT’S A BOY!”


They prepared games for a change. We left early though, so we didn’t like enjoy the rest of the evening with the couple and their friends. But the moment we were there was really fun.


I remember the time when I was pregnant, on my 3rd month, I was planning ahead that I’ll make my own baby shower. But unfortunately, none of those things happened. Huh! I was too busy with work and no one was there to help out a hand to organized the stuff. Never the less, I’m happy still ~ I have the most adoring baby in the world. All showers of blessing is for her right after the day she was born.

Send Love with Jones Soda

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.

Valentines just around the corner. Have you decided on what gift you’ll give for your love ones lately?


My friends back home are in to this personalized gifts especially last Christmas season. For instance, one of my friends gave my Mom and my Dad a personalized mug with their pictures on it, cool!


Technology now a days are very enhance really, like one of the services called myJones custom soda. They can customized flavored sodas of your choice. Choose a picture you like and tada! There you go, an instant flavored sodas with a picture of your love one plus you even enjoy the taste of the flavors that you choose. They have 13 flavors to choose from. Don’t throw the bottles, put it on your cupboards for souvenirs, isn’t it great? Check them out here for more info.


I choose this as one of the photo I wish I can personalized with. It will be great to have this with a 12-pack of Strawberry Lime Jones Pure Cane Soda to send to my family on valentines day with a tag on it saying “Happy Hearts Day from Julia”. I’m sure they’ll love it.


How would you like to have yours personalized? I would like to hear your ideas for this.


Visit my sponsor: myJones

Games On-Line

Since I’ve been busy with everything, I can’t find time anymore to play FB games. I was addicted at so many at start. Bejeweled Blitz, Pet Society, Farm Town, Barn Yard and lately Cafe World. Leveling up with all those games are so hard that it needs at least an hour or two from your day. Which I can’t do because aside from being a mom, I’m working as well. Need to insert blogging into my daily task as well.


But you know what, I even asked Hubby to download for me the whole complete season of The SIMS 2. Haha! Addict? Yes I am! But after hubby finished downloading all the SIM packs, I found out that there’s SIMS 3, which disappoints me because now I want to un-install the SIMS 2 and buy the SIMS 3. Friends of mine back home are playing it now and they really recommend me to play SIMS 3! Ugh!


Missed playing though, but I have to prioritized the important things right? *wink wink! When will be a SAHM? Stay-at-home-Mom who can learn and play at the same time. Sigh! In time… in time…

Poker Face

One of the craziest things Julia’s doing right now at her age is making funny faces. Here’s one I can share for you right now which I hope will bright up your day – somehow :) IMG_0449

Thanks to Ninang Ezel for taking this shoot inside her room while playing with Julia.

“Beach” in Warranty

Me and a colleague was eavesdropping during a conversation between an irate customer and our Technical support. The conversation started just like a normal question and answer portion thing. Our technical support’s expert enough to handle such customers.


The customer brought her phone 2 days ago for repair. She was left to leave the device since she claimed NO POWER at all. So the technical support needs her to leave the unit and will be notified for any updates once the unit is working. So tonight the customer came to pick-up her device. Probably thinking that the technicians will not know the purpose on why her unit got broke and was expecting for a full replacement.


The highlight of the topic and what made us laugh during the conversation was when the customer was asked to pay the service fee. These made the customer asked “Why do I have to pay?”. So the customer argued about the coverage of warranty for the units. She demanded for a supervisor in charge and even threat about her rights as a customer. Good thing again, our technical support guy have all the answers. These types of customers are really hard to handle, based on my experience, it’s really hard! He replied the customer, “Ma’am, there’s no such things for free now a days… unfortunately, it clearly states on the warranty, that water damage is not part AT ALL in any ways…” – that made the customer shut her mouth. LOL!


Lesson in the story: Don’t let your Blackberry swim in the water! It’s not made for swimming! Hahaha!

“Header Problem”

That was my email subject sent to the creator of this theme.


I’m a nomad with codes. I only like know how to center scripts, how to change the colors and insert links but my problem yesterday was that the header image that I inserted using the Page Elements is always appearing on the left. And after that, my sidebar appeared suddenly way down after all the blog posts.




When I visited Quite Random’s site, they were on a maintenance. Huhu! But good thing the admin left an email to contact them, and so I did.


In just one day, the admin solved my problem. I told him that I was about to kill myself for ruining the codes, haha!


Just to share with you guys if you’re using the same theme:

To center the header, just add this line anywhere before ]]

#header-wrapper #header-inner a img {margin: 0 auto !important;}


Thanks again for the big help!

Are You Ready?


Edward’s soft voice came from behind me. I turned to see him spring lightly up the porch steps, his hair windblown from running. He pulled me into his arms at once, just like he had in the parking lot, and kissed me again.

This kiss frightened me. There was too much tension, too strong an edge to the way his lips crushed mine—like he was afraid we had only so much time left to us.


The countdown begins! I’m excited as always. Can’t wait to see how they will make the battle between the vigilant new born vampires VS Jacob Black’s wolf pack. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!

Life in the Big Tree

Thank you all for linking me up on your blog. I would like to share with you another abode of mine where I share another points of views being a wife and a mother and most especially a blogger.


Please link me me up as well and help me make another abode of mine grow as I grow.


PS. I’m not leaving this blog ~ I’m just growing, LOL!

I Love My Coach!

… too much!!!

I love the style and everything in between. The smell of it, ugh! It’s like a smell of perfume for me, hihi!

Thanks too much to Ms Faye for the prompt delivery. You can see more of her products here.

Last November, I was browsing thru FB’s random photos when I came across her account and saw the Coach bags for sale. I immediately saw this Coach Ivory Satchel Bag, and I even left a comment for ate Faye saying “I love it!”.

Then I said to myself, why not buy an authenticated brand once in my life. I have nothing to loose (except money of course) but it’s always a come and go thing. Save and spend, save and spend. It’s a ritual thing to most of us who thinks more of what we need in life. So I made a big decision and I consented my husband about it of course.

So Hubby and I agreed that I could buy a bag of my own but I’m not allowed to go shopping for shoes. Hahaha! Not a bad deal, so go go go!

I fell in love with the tags and the lines in between. So classic yet elegant.


I love the reflection of me right in the middle of Coach.


I love the inside! It’s pink!DSC_7089wmDSC_7090wmDSC_7091wm

I waited for almost 2 1/2 weeks, thanks God it came on time and in safe condition. The box was still sealed and no sign of harm, hahaha!

Thanks ate Faye and doing business with you.

3 Special Steps

I tweet about this already, but I’d also like to write about it.


When I came home from work last night, Hubby was saying that he loves watching Play House Disney. Aside from it’s fun, at his age, he’s also learning new stuff.


And one of them was an episode from Agent Oso.



The episode was “How to make new friends?” and of course, Co-Pilot will tell him to do it in “3 Special Steps”.

He explained to me the ways:

Step 1: Say "Hi" and introduce yourself,

Step 2: Ask them their name,

Step 3: Invite them to play.

Then he said that he’s now ready to tell Julia on how to make friends once she start schooling.


I find it so sweet.


Thanks Special Agent Oso!

Life’s Unfair

There are some times that you say to yourself that Life’s unfair. Why? Because even if you deserve it, you’ll not get it.

But eventough things are not in place, you just have to believe in yourself that things will turn out ok. Patience is a virtue for those who waits. Sigh…

I’m tired of waiting…

I’m tired of thinking what’s good for the others, I think it’s time for me to think of myself this time.

Emo? Yup! Just ranting out some bad aura that happened this morning at work. Sigh!!! Such a lost to that person. He don’t know what’s he’s doing so for that, I forgive that person for being an innocent, un-professional, lack of work ethic, to make it short this person should attend again the GMRC (Good Moral and Right Conduct) which is being given to children in school at the ages 7 to 13. Haha!

Kidding aside, got to go everyone! Till next emo post. LOL!