Farewell 2009, Welcome 2010!

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Today is the last day for the year 2009. Let’s welcome another year with a blast. Let’s welcome it with a quiet prayer in our hearts and Insha Allah, a year full of hope and love for one another.


2009 has been a good year for me.


Here’s my highlights for this year:

JANUARY 2009 – I came back from my maternity leave. Leaving Julia behind was so hard for me. Good thing my Mom was still here with us to help us around.

FEBRUARY 2009 – valentines day for us. Our 3rd hearts day. Bless, my niece celebrated her 1st birthday.

MARCH 2009 – not that much, except for work and play.

APRIL 2009 – Mom went back to Philippines after a 6months vacation here in Qatar. This was such a hard time for me and my husband. We had to like arrange our work schedule all of a sudden in order to give way with our little one.

MAY 2009 – We started planning ahead for our vacation in Syria and Lebanon. Hubby applied for our visas.

JUNE 2009 & JULY 2009 – Nothing much again, busy as a bee. Though we booked our flight early this year.

AUGUST 2009 – We opened another shop so I was like busy here and busy there. Another big step for our company.

SEPTMEBER 2009 – a month countdown for our vacation. Ramadan as well.

OCTOBER 2009 – Welcome Syria! Hello Lebanon! A month vacation with my in-laws. Alhamdulillah! Thanks God for giving them to me. They’re the apple of my eye and as usual, they were all so welcoming.

NOVEMBER 2009 – Hubby got operated back in Syria but was fully recovered after 2 weeks of his operation, Alhamdulillah! Thanks God. Julia celebrated her 1st birthday. Sigh… time flies so fast!

DECEMBER 2009 – Busy again with work and we haven’t been busy with any partying stuff with friends. All our busy with their lives. Huh!


To sum it all, 2009 was a busy year for me. Thanks God for the load of work and blessings. Trials here and there are very much normal. Was easily handled in other words thru prayers and of course guidance of the Lord, I’m ending up these year blessed and happy as usual.


Thank you 2009! Welcome 2010!

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