On Vacation Mode

Dear Bloggers,


I’ll be on vacation in 2 days time and will be abandoning for a month blogosphere. Thanks in advance for peeping in and out during my absence, hehe! Need to pack up things for now.


Will be back with tons of photos Insha Allah (in God’s will).



Dream House

I’ve always wanted to have our house renovated. My parents built our house way back 1980’s and after that, no changes have been made. The paint outside is still the same cemented look, hehe!


All day, I was dreaming that someday Insha Allah, once I have enough savings for my parents, I will fulfill their dream house with enough rooms for all us to stay together.


The whole house will be like this or let’s say similar to this. I would like to have it in dark chocolate brown color not yellow. The roof will be black.



The first floor set up is great especially since there will be a porch. My parents are active in their church activities and they would do some meetings in our house, such as get together or just a chat with their friends as well. My dad’s old enough to go up the 2nd floor so they might as well stay on the first floor. There will be a porch at the back, very good for a nice evening chat or barbeque time.firstfloor


This will be the set up of the second floor. Currently we have 3 rooms, we just need another one since our family’s getting bigger. The optional playroom can be a room I guess. I love the idea of having an attic for storage purposes and creepy stories aside, hihi! And the walk in closets that each room has is extravagant. Just like a celebrity home.



In time, Insha Allah God’s will and by his help, I can fulfill this dream house of ours. The design of the house floor plans are so awesome. Here’s the link, and start to dream.

Saddest Commercial

Sharing you one of the saddest ads I’ve seen in my entire life. It made me cry too much that after seeing this, I hugged and kiss my husband and baby Julia. A little creepy but who knows when our lives will end. Sigh! Tinalo ang ads ng Jollibee and McDonalds pagdating sa family.



Saw this link in one of my friends in Facebook, then I reposted it on my wall. I received 14 comments and a lot of violent reactions (good ones actually, not that bad naman) because it’s really touching. Sigh!

10 Days to Go!

Was looking thru my FB profile this morning. And here’s what alarmed me:




Shucks! Need to do panic buying for hubby’s family. They are not asking for anything but it’s nice if I could like prepare a little something from me and baby Julia for all their love and support all thru out our marriage.


The visas are ready, the plane tickets are printed out as well. The bags are not yet packed of course. For now, need to do a list of things we need to bring for our short vacation.


Lebanon and Syria, here we come!

Garlic Pasta

Was browsing last week thru mommy blogs and was able to visit ate Alpha’s food blog. She blogged on how to cook a delicious garlic pasta. So as a midnight snack, I prepared the meal for me and Hubby. It took me an hour to prepare everything because the little one keeps on bothering me, hehe! She would crawl inside the kitchen taking off my attention so it took me time to finish the pasta.


So without further adieu, presenting (courtesy of ate Alpha – thank you po!)


When to ask “Where’s her Mom?”

I know I don’t look my daughter at all. A lot of cases where in people would usually ask questions na feeling ko sometimes, below the belt na. Here’s an incident just last weekend when we went to buy some groceries. Tignan ko lang kung hindi ka mainis.


I was pushing the grocery cart from the frozen section of Carrefour, and I saw this promo girl ahead. I thought she was promoting bread sticks. I asked because I wanted Julia to taste some since she was on the mode of I’M-ABOUT-TO-CRY-GET-ME-OUT-OF-HERE.


So here’s the exchange conversation between me and the lad:

ME: Miss, ano po yan?

PROMO GIRL: Ay, crab sticks ‘to. (hindi man lang mag Ma’am ha!)

ME: Ahhh… okay… Kala ko bread sticks, hihi! Thank you.

PROMO GILR: Psst… saan ang nanay nyan? (Yup, she was referring to baby Julia who was in front of me sitting in the cart.)

ME: Huh?! **insert a raising eyebrow** Ako ang nanay nyan. (taray ng lola mo!)PROMO GIRL: Weeehhh… hindi nga?!

ME: %*#’@ —- ?????

PROMO GIRL: (still in doubt) Saan ang papa nyan?

Instead of replying back, I just pointed at my husband who was 3 or 4 steps away behind looking over some chicken nuggets yung parang nag iisip kung masarap ba ‘to, hehe! And then I walked away. AS IN!


Hay naku!!!!


I don’t blame her actually. I question myself sometimes kung anak ko ba talaga si Julia. Because really, we don’t have anything in common. Julia looks a copy cat of her Dad. But my point is that, sometimes people don’t think twice on what to ask and even when is the right time to ask about some personal things.


I’m telling you that this is not the first time it happened. I’ve been thought of being a nanny to Julia several times whenever we go out. And the bad thing about it is kapwa Pinoy pa yung magtatanong sayo. And when you answer back naman, they don’t believe you pa.


Locals here in Qatar don’t even ask. They just looked at me in the eye and they would sometimes ask, why Julia’s eyes is different from mine. Because my eyes is black and Julia has Grey. Siguro naiilang din sila sometimes, or they are just too shy to ask. At least sila may hiya pa diba.


Hay naku!!!!

Baby Julia Turned 10

Oh men! Our little one’s getting bigger, taller and cuter everyday.


Here’s an update with our little cutie Julia:

  • She’s picking up things on her own.
  • Grabbing her toys as she wants it.
  • Eating solid foods.
  • Most of the times, she talks to herself and somehow it amazes us her parents because she can make herself busy sometimes by doing that.
  • She likes music – SO MUCH! Like mother, like daughter *wink, wink!
  • By 10 months, she can sit up straight without tumbling.
  • She can move along for as long as she has something on her way.
  • She can walk from our room to the other room without our help – which makes me more alarmed because I’m thinking that she might bump something on her way.
  • She can hold her bottle by her own and even knows where she can get it whenever she wants to drink “dodo” during her sleep-mode – I see to it that she can grab it just above her pillow, and it works every time. I don’t need to give it to her most of the times.
  • Lastly, NO TEETH yet. Yup! I can see this 2 cute white something on her gums below but I’m not sure if it’s ready to come.



Living you with this adorable face. Our taba-tina-chingching o_0



I’ts Wednesday!

…and it’s time for another meme to share.


  • It’s another day out with dear friends and we’ll go bowling tonight.
  • Julia got a new red dress – an advance gift from Khalo Mhd [Thanks Hamude & Ninang Mojo ]WHT
  • We launched the new iPhone 3Gs in our shops and hopefully we’ll have more benefits for it and it’ll do great sales for us.
  • 22 days more and we’re off for a month vacation to see Hubby’s family – and this time, it’ll be my first to visit Lebanon. So excited!
  • Bought a new book to read. Haven’t started with it since I’m still organizing myself. Hopefully during vacation, I can read a chapter or 2.
  • It’s still the holy month of Ramadan, and I’m praying as always that our sacrifices for this month shall be rewarded fully by Allah’s (God) grace.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

** Click here for the Image credit and story how this little meme started.

New Blog Theme

As you can see, I changed again my blog theme. I think, this is my second, nope… ahh… third theme that I did for this year. And while I’m adding the widgets for my side bar, I noticed that in 10 days time, my blog’s celebrating it’s FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY. Wohoo !!!


Get your own free Blogoversary button!


I admit that I’ve been a bad blogger since most of the times I’ve abandoned this blog. Not so much to say kasi. I’m so addicted with other stuff that sometimes, there’s not so much to tell. Although I want to share a lot of things but sometimes, I’m no words for it, hehe! I’m still happy though that within a year of blogging, I’ve met a lot of online friends and got close to them in some other ways. Exchange a lot of thoughts and I chat with them as well. I’m a happy blogger, I may say.


I’ve been blogging since 2004. From Blogger, to WordPress and then blogger again. Sabi nga nila, kung saan ka nagsimula, dun ka rin baballik. Hehe!


By the way, I would like to say thank you for the people behind the works of these theme. Quite Random has been so good with regards to answering most of the blogger’s questions about his works. I find other creator snobbish in some ways, you know that. Instead of them being grateful that you used their theme, it’s like the other way around for them. It’s like you owe them for using their theme. So, I thank you QUITE RANDOM for this.

On Canvas Photo Frames

I’m in the process of let’s say re-arranging our room. This is to give way for the surrounding of Julia to be a safe environment for her.


I’m starting off with the living room. I’ve been searching on the web for any help on designing the walls. I’m very particular on the idea of hanging photos. I tried looking for wall designs on the web and was guided to a site where unique and affordable canvas printing are being done. Read thru it and then searched for the best designs, so next stop is to ask the other half’s approval.


Hubby’s against the idea of putting canvas prints just above our sofa. This will be the first photos on canvas if we’ll push thru the order. Canvas printing are in these days, especially for those who love scrapping. I’ve seen a lot of friend online where they usually hang photos on canvas instead of the traditional frames. The images are set to be real, the borders are unique in design, 100% cotton canvas while others use polyester, good quality, and it’s very convenient to move around in any rooms you would like to place it with, not to forget mentioning the light weight it has that brings a lot of advantages for most of house hold owners to have it move around wherever they wanted it to be. And I’m so in to it right now, that I’m convincing my husband for us to order since the site that I visited for ordering are on sale up to 50% off. Nice offer! So after all the convincing and reading about canvas printing, Hubby’s off for a second thought. Kudos to me! Thanks to the easy upload and virtual preview that Bespok canvas printing offers.


I need to organize things now before it’s too late. The sale is extended up to September 30th so need to move and think fast.

Who is Gordn?

Just want to share a quick note to everyone that baby Julia’s starting to say words which me and hubby can’t understand – as in! She keeps talking to her toys, especially her stuff toys which has faces in it like Teddy, her yellow beep beep car, and of course the all time famous Ging-ging, hihihi! Probably she thinks that they are like talking and smiling back at her. She sounds so cute. Wish I could share with you a video while she utter these weird names. But she usually say things whenever she feels sleepy or sometimes whenever she plays alone by herself.

I tried taking a video of her once when she was talking to Doggie-doggie, but she saw me holding the cam and immediately took her attention turning back to me and grabbing the cam away. Ugh!
“Gordn, Gordn, Gordn… nya nya nya… bla.. blahhh…. ahhhh…. hmmm….” says Julia. I can’t believe that in 2 days time, she’ll be 10mos old. Sigh! Time flies so fast.
By the way, Gordn really is with an “O”. I’m thinking sometimes if she’s looking for Corned beef, hehe! I don’t know! LMAO.