Where was I?

I’m really sorry for not being able to update. I’ve been wanting to rant a lot lot as in lot of things, but it’s just that every time I’m in front of the PC, and start to browse, I’m stuck with FACEBOOK. Yah right! I’m one of those FB Game addict. Starting off with Farmtown, then checking my crops in Barnyard, feeding my workers in Roller Coaster Kingdom and lastly feeding my fishes in Fishworld. Sometimes, still playing Bejeweled Blitz – but I’m not that so gaga anymore with it since I’ve found out that there’s a cheat for the game,  I quit. A waste of time and I’m not challenged anymore with the game. Who would want to play fair? I do, but they don’t.

Anyway, I will not take more of your time reading explanations – as if it explains all of the missing things. I promise I’ll be back soon with all the chikas and updates most especially about Julia’s development. A lot of you whose connected with me thru FB, I know for sure where was I, hihi!

Leaving you a holy greetings for the month of Ramadan. Happy fasting to my fellow Muslim brothers and sisters. Ramadan Kareem!