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wikiImageSearch[1]In a few more months, it’s Hubby’s turn to celebrate his birthday. We are in the midst of saving a lot since we’ll be on vacation after 2 months, but we were like thinking as early as now on what we’ll share to buy for his birthday. Well, his friends have this idea on buying Xbox for his birthday. They have lots of options to choose at but they are like thinking on what other games they can purchase with it if they do buy it.

For me, I really don’t mind whether what type of game they would like purchase, for as long as it will make them all happy playing along it, it’s okay with me. I’m happy though looking at this fantastic photos online. I feel like I want one as well. But I think I’ll just hop along with the guys for the mean time and the more of us who will play, the merrier, right? I’m having second thoughts now if I will tolerate Hubby to buy it as early as now. Just looking at it makes me feel more anxious to have one, hehe!

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