On Direct TV Services

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We cancelled our pay TV subscription a month ago, so we’re back seeing the free to air channel line up which is why I keep on asking the husband to sign up with a new pay TV dealer. But we don’t have other choices here in the middle east aside from the western channels that they have. Our old pay TV subscription is good enough, but the price is not reasonable compare to the other movies which is on free to air.

Hubby was asking me which among the channel line up I missed most with our old pay TV service. I told him that I missed most the movie line up that they have. Well, lucky for those friends of mine who has Direct TV in California as their service for TV shows. I’ve just learned that it’s one of the good choices in the US coz compare to cable TV. For instance, in cable TV when the line are down, it affect the TV broadcasting while Directv isn’t.

Direct TV also includes the best movie line up which we previously have with our cancelled pay TV service. They have like HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ and the important of all is CINEMAX. Wow! What more can you ask for for such TV line up? They have over like 250+ channel lineup! And since their service is in America, they can enjoy sports as well because they offer great promos for the sports fanatics. I can’t imagine people having Direct TV in New York. I’m sure they are now called couch potato for it especially since they offer high definition quality, haha!

I just hope that Hubby could start thinking about subscribing to a new one. Me and baby Julia’s bored watching the same old cartoons, movies on the screen, hehe!

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