Faces by mjO

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Oh yes, my first try to do solo portraits. A friend of mine insist on using Photoshop to do tweaks on the photos but that means more time on the net. Here are some photos to share. I really appreciate these people who trust my abilities to do their photo shoots. Till next time!

First model is dear friend Adnan. He asked me if I can take a photo of him so that he’ll post it on his profiles. I said sure – but I don’t trust myself if I’ll be able to do good shots for him. Here are some photos I like and thanks God, Adnan liked it also… hehe!




And lastly, sexy sassy Jenny.




I’ve always dreamed to have super models like them. I hope that this will go far. I’m getting a lot from this hobby – enjoyment! My bestfriend told me that I was born to have eyes for photography. Partida wala pang lessons yan ha… Well, that’s what friends are for, love your own. Joke Bei!

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