Words or Syllables?

Words or syllables? Well, it’s 4 o’clock in the morning here and Julia’s still wide awake while watching Playhouse Disney’s Mickey Mouse House Club on Disney Channel. I was surfing the net when suddenly Julia started to utter her first play-along-please-notice-me-syllables like “DA-DA”, “BA-BA”, “NA-NA” and whenever she hears Mickey Mouse singing, she’s saying “MAMMMM-MA”. Gosh! My baby’s first words. How adorable the sound of it.

Just so to not forget, here are some things Julia can do now:

  • She can claps her hands along whenever I sing to her “Barney’s ILOVEYOU Song”;
  • She looks back if somebody is calling her name;
  • She loves blowing kisses – I let her put her hands on her mouth and then I’ll say “Flying kiss… mwah!” – she smiles a lot when I do that;
  • She shouts to the highest level! I think she will be a good singer like mama (walang kokontra! hehe!);
  • She can roll over like 2 or worst 3 times on her back and then on her chest and then back again. It kills me to death whenever I see her doing that, I feel like she’ll fall down the bed anytime. That’s why I decided to put out her crib in the living room so that I can look over her if she wants to do something adventurous;
  • She plays a lot with her feet pulling it up by her hand and splitting them up… hmmm… ballerina in the making;
  • She still loves playing with gadgets like biting the RCU of the TV, AC and her favorite is her Papa’s Blackberry, hehe!

I’m feeding Julia mush potatoes, carrots and owl – cooked rice left overnight or also known as bahaw in the Philippines. She still loves eating her rice cereal mixed with milk. Last night we went to the doctor for her follow-up check up, Alhamdulillah Thanks God, she doesn’t have cough and cold. We also decided to stop puffing Ventolin for her. She doesn’t have as well the sound coming from her throat or dahak. Hope she’ll continue to stay healthy. Thanks again for all those people who left comments on my FB page for her to get well. A BIG THANK YOU FROM ME AND MY HUSBAND.

On Travel

I was browsing thru a friend’s album online and was so happy seeing her touring some of the finest spots to travel. She has been to Macau, Thailand, Hong Kong (this is on my top list to go to) and some wonders in the Philippines. I’ve always dreamed of traveling and so I asked her some major ideas on Ways To Travel around the world. There’s a lot of things that you have to consider before taking this step. You have to keen observer and at the same time to think twice on the budget that you have to shoulder for the trip. Not to forget the hotel where you’ll stay in for the mean time. A nice trip should end up in a good and cozy bed. How I wish I could do some adventurous trip like she had. With our little one included, I think this travel ideas of mine will be put on hold up until our little one is ready to travel.


Want to be a WHAM?

WHAM – Work at home Mom. Well, I wish I could and I wish I am but I can’t. Simply because I have a family back home that I’m still supporting financially. Last night, the husband and I were having a conversation thinking of the future – like what if I will stop working and will just stay home to take care of the little one? Hmmm… it was like a big question to ask and then I told him that there’s this online task on the internet sphere that I can sign up to to earn like. And since I’m into blogging, might as well try it. There’s nothing to loose, might as well try.

Well, lucky for those whose residing in US, Canada and UK coz you can earn from $100-$156 dollars each day just sitting in your home. Imagine the comfort of it without commuting, driving and getting up early as 7’o clock to get ready with your work. Real Job Opportunity Online. Make Money at Home is the best and easiest way to earn. It’s legal, and you can easily be paid thru your Google Money so there’s no doubt that the amount you’ll be paid will not be stolen or something. Just a simple instructions and everything will follow.

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Man’s Bestfriend

A friend of mine posted a link on one of her sites stating that a man’s bestfriend is a dog. Well, we’ve all come to a point that we’ve always wanted to adapt a dog to take care off.

Back in my home country, we’re like taking into consideration that it’s a must to have an a dog in the house. They call it “Bantay” – “Guard” in Eglish. I had a dog once and I name him Sparky, but life seems too unlucky for him because my girl friend told me that he got sick and died. It took her all the guts to say it to me actually because she knows that my heart will break up hearing the news. Well, I guess separation anxiety killed him, hehe! I just now remembered, the reason why I suddenly wrote about this was because a while ago, my and Hubby were on the way home when my husband took my attention saying that there’s a dog missing. He showed me posters of a dog missing hanging on several light posts. It’s a chiwawa. It’s so unusual here in Qatar to have a dog. It’s allowed by the government to have one unlike in other Middle East countries where in it’s prohibited by their Law to have them as a pet. Cats probably are okay but dogs – it’s a no no! I then had a thought of what the owner was feeling this time. Where could his/her dog be? Was it stolen? Did someone run over him and threw it out on the bin? The thought of it makes me realized that it’s really hard to keep on of your own especially if you’re careless like the owner of this Chiwawa. Poor doggie dog.

Do You Love Animals? Becuase if you do, you can help a certain community to stop violating crimes against all animals as well. In this way you can help them all the way by contributing a little financial support. You may never know, you’re lost dog may be one of them.

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Blog Theme

I’ve been searching in the internet for the best blog themes. I’m kinda thinking of changing my blog theme again. I’m bored with the designs. I may do some tweakings again with the current one I’m using, but I know myself – I may not be happy with the result, I guess.

I’m thinking of changing it to a 3 column blog. I noticed that I have lot of etc on my side bar, and as much as I wanted to remove one of them I simply can’t for the reason of all of them are useful for me – well not really all of them, but let’s just say 60% of it are a need on my blog.

I opting to get a cleaner whiter and more elegant theme. I’m opposite of what I said it to be but I feel like I want a change. Sigh! Guess I have to think 10 times more before deciding on it. Changing theme means saving a lot of work and it will mean a lot of time in front of my laptop which is not acceptable at the moment since I have other important things to do. Sigh! Yet again, the thought of it still exists.

Morning Sunshine!

It’s exactly 501am here in Qatar. Julia just slept and I find myself updating my abandoned blog once again. Not really updating, but I need something to write at least.

Aside from being addicted with Facebook, I’ve been playing along while baby sitting Julia with those online games. And I noticed that the sun is up already while getting too busy playing. Sigh! What else to do aside from being a Mom and wife? Well, might as well update something I owned right.

Guess I’ll just tuck into bed anyway. Get some sleep and pray that Julia will get well very soon in order for me to come back to work. My supervisor’s been so generous lately allowing me to take a leave until Julia feels much better. Alhamdulillah! Someone has a precious heart around here who can understand the feeling of being a MOTHER. Huh! Goodnight I mean, Good morning everyone!

Faces by mjO

Oh yes, my first try to do solo portraits. A friend of mine insist on using Photoshop to do tweaks on the photos but that means more time on the net. Here are some photos to share. I really appreciate these people who trust my abilities to do their photo shoots. Till next time!

First model is dear friend Adnan. He asked me if I can take a photo of him so that he’ll post it on his profiles. I said sure – but I don’t trust myself if I’ll be able to do good shots for him. Here are some photos I like and thanks God, Adnan liked it also… hehe!




And lastly, sexy sassy Jenny.




I’ve always dreamed to have super models like them. I hope that this will go far. I’m getting a lot from this hobby – enjoyment! My bestfriend told me that I was born to have eyes for photography. Partida wala pang lessons yan ha… Well, that’s what friends are for, love your own. Joke Bei!

In Sickness and in Health

For those of you who’s in my Facebook network, as you all know my dear Bb Julia’s sick. She’s been having this cough and cold thing for over a week now. Paranoid as ever, as guilty as a bee, not to think if her got worst because of the swim we did last week – huhu! I’m a selfish Mom! We brought her up in the emergency last Friday night coz she’s like just crying out loud without reasons. She’s having a hard time breathing in/out thru her nose. I guess because her nose is blocked and the thing is that whenever she cough, she’s so red that you feel like there’s something stuck in between her throat and you could like pull it out if you can just to make her feel okay. But anyway, we went to the Children’s Hospital – a 10 minute drive from our place to have her checked up.

The first thing the nurse in the reception asked us was “Have you been out of Doha recently?”. Yes, the AH1N1 aka Swine flu alert is in the Middle East. Most of the people inside the emergency were like there because of not that really on an emergency but barely because of worrying of this disease. Most of the babies are not really in hurt, I mean to say not that sick or something (I hope you can picture it on your mind what I’m trying to say here, hehe!) – the thing is, all parents are like in a worried state of mind. All couples were like looking blankly to each other asking “What have we done wrong?” or like “Why our baby is sick?” – these 2 questions were running thru my mind while in the waiting area. This is the first time Julia got sick for such a long time. As a first time Mom – these was the worst time ever. Wished that my Mom was still here to look on us, sigh!

RespiChamberBabyMaskJulia was like all stunned because of so many babies around her. Some were crying, some were sleeping and some were like her too – staring at some babies as well. Anyway, our number was called and the doctor checked on Julia. Good thing about her case is that she doesn’t have even a slight fever, so definitely it’s not swine – hehe! The doctor left and said that the nurse will teach me on how to use the respi-chamber. What was that for? Hubby came in with the medicines and he was holding a tube thing. So the nurse taught us both on how to use the chamber. I then realized that it’s for the Ventolin. I said to myself “Shucks! Aside from the eyebrows Julia got from me, she also inherited my Mom’s major sickness – asthma!” Huh!

We had to count 15 seconds in between the puff. We had a hard time doing it at first. Me and Hubby were like “Mama… Julia… Wait… 1..2..3…” and we have to entertain her with a music to make her stay still. Sigh!

Mommy said that sometimes this happens specially for Julia’s case since she’s still young and can’t rely spitting out, the phlegm stays behind. Though she recommends not to abuse using the Ventolin. But I told her that Julia’s sleep is much better after the puff.

Anyway, thank you for all those people who left a comment on my status the other night on FB and for dear friend Bernie and Khaty who texted me asking her situation. In times like this, I really really feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends I can rely on during emergencies. HUGS AND KISSES FROM ME AND MY FAMILY!

Pregnancy Updates

Nope, I’m not pregnant but my friend is. She’s on her first trimester and I believe that she’s having twins! The got married last year. It’s a very famous day for celebrating all types of occasions. 080808 is totally in last year. They decided to set the date on that day because of course it’ll only pass one time for all time’s sake. Unless you have the time machine where you can always travel back on the date you want to – which is of course impossible to do so.

Well, I’ve given her so much links to check on with and here’s one of the links that I preferred for her to check on – or to all you pregnant women – Mothers to be, to keep an update on how your pregnancy is doing.

Pregnancy Week by Week is a great source on how to deal with your pregnancy up until 40th week. Too late I wasn’t able to use this link but then again, as I checked on it – flash back all the way up to giving birth and goose bumps as well on the feeling again the pain I had giving delivery to our baby. Well, the pain and labor of love is all worth it. Will do it again if given another chance – but of course, not NOW. Support My Sponsor

Track It!

Looking forward for this!

I’ll be saying hello one more time to Damascus, Syria and it’ll be my first time to set off with a new country Beirut, Lebanon. So excited! We’ll take a 2 hour flight to Syria first and then by land for an hour as per Hubby going to Lebanon. We need to do some paper works there – first on the list is renewing the passport of our little one. Insha Allah everything will be in place when we get there.

Here’s a quick glance on how close these two countries are.

Summer Time

It’s the start of June, but for us it’s just the beginning of summer here in the Middle East. As I’ve said, temperature here every afternoon is like killing you straight to the bones – exagg masyado noh? NO kidding! Even the water in the faucet is hot. It’s like you’re running water from the heater. Though I’ve already turned off the heater so that it could cold up and used it every time I’m washing the dishes in the afternoon. Welcome to the Middle East!

Well, our friend ate Flora’s back from Denmark. So I asked her if we could drop by her cozy home to take a swim on their pool. She welcomed us with open arms syempre. Filipino hospitality is the greatest assets we could be proud of ;)

We ordered Pizza for lunch at ate it beside the pool area. Ate Flor’s a good cook. The last time we visited her, she cooked Chicken Adobo! Yummy! But now, we told her not to prepare any thing and that we’ll just order food for delivery to avoid inconvenience – nakikiligo na nga lang kami eh iistorbo pa sa pagkain, hehe! Dyahe! Haha!

So here are some photos to share (You can view the all pictures on my Multiply account).

Ate Flor straight from Denmark – taken inside her kitchen. She was making home made Siopao when we arrived. Yummy! Ate, you can built up your own bakery na. Hehe!DSC_1617

Women’s division. Getting ready to eat the Pizza, I mean to swim.DSC_1621

Men’s Division this time. Hubby, Ghassan and Mohammed with us.DSC_1622


The Princess’ first time to swim. She was mean everytime somebody touched her though. You can see it from the way she’s looking here at Ghassan.DSC_1653DSC_1674DSC_1675

She loves the water and she didn’t stopped flapping on it. The water splashes on Hubby’s eyes many times. She’s so cute with her bathing suit. Haha!DSC_1683

It’s enough for one day. She got tired after the swim. Look at her eyes? So sleepy! Haha!DSC_1711

Thanks again te Flor for the invite. Until next time.

I’m leaving you with this shot I took for Bb Julia. Happy Summer Time everyone!DSC_1788

She’s Well

After a week of being nourished and under medication, Baby Julia is all right now without dry cough and cold. Thanks God! Alhamdulillah! Just in time for a late summer outing with our close friends, so Bb Julia was able to enjoy her first pool swim experience. Will post pictures of that later on.

Tomorrow is a big day again. It’s Julia’s 7th MoBday. Yipee! Time passes by so quick that every time I looked at her features it’s like she’s grown bigger – not to forget mentioning, chubbier than before. Sigh! I marveled at the thought of what she will look like when she turned 1 year old? And what language will she be talking, English, Arabic or Tagalog? Hmmm… I’m sure that by that time, I’ll be looking back at this post and will wonder saying “Sana pala hindi ka muna lumaki… Can you go back being a baby again?” Hahaha! Coward I am!

I haven’t uploaded the pictures on my multiply account but uploaded it already on my Facebook account.

Thanks so much for those people who left their warming get well soon comment for my previous post.

Thet, My, Maria – thank you po!!

The One with the Cough and Colds


Yup! These are medicine drops for our little Baby Julia. She having a hard day with a dry cough and cold. I think because of the weather here in the Qatar are in the midst of changing from humid to hot – as in hot! 47 degrees in the middle of the afternoon!

These are drops for Baby Julia which are given every 8 hours. Sinecod for the cold and Fenistil for her dry cough. She can’t sleep properly since Wednesday night. She kept on sneezing with matching yucky mucus coming out from her nose, bwahaha! But for us mothers, it doesn’t matter how yucky it looks like. I’d rather be the one to have those yucky thing on my nose instead of her – at least I can blow it out myself unlike her, she’s like more happier tasting it rather than crying coz it’s blocking her nose, haha!

Well, I hope things will get better in a few more days. I’m not comfortable living her with the nanny in this situation. Sigh! I know all you Mothers can relate to the feeling.