Laughter is the Best Medicine

She is our strength, our hope and our joy. She’s our treasure – she’s the reason why I’m waking up so blessed in this world.

Here’s a simple glimpse of how “kikay” our Bb Julia is. LOL with Hubby. Sorry for the mess though, we were about to sleep when she started doing this laughing trip. As you can see around us, lots of her toys. Hehe!

New Moon

It’s official! I’m so over excited for this! For sure, it will come out December 2009 here in Qatar. Even if, it’s worth the wait! What I just don’t like about this poster is that Jacob is in-between Bella and Edward. They made it too obvious that there will really be a love triangle in this story. I don’t like the first 4 or 6 chapters of the book – I think, coz “Fafa” Edward is not in the scene. Ugh! I hate Jacob for this, but I guess it’s part of the story. Who am I to judge the book anyway? Hehe!


Breaking Dawn

Well, I’m on last book as we speak. Breaking Dawn really did it this time! For the last 3 books, I’ve cried only once – Eclipse, the part where Edward left Bella and she was left alone in the forest, until of course Sam found her. But now, shucks! The first chapter where Bella narrated the story on how sweet (oh my!) Edward asked the permission of Bella’s father – Charlie, for marriage! My heart melted. My tears just chop down without me noticing. Good thing Hubby’s not around, or else he will totally cackle at me, hihi!

Second part was during the wedding. Of course all women cries whenever they see someone walking the aisle. I’ve never experienced such thing, reason why I was so emotional with that part. Bella saying her goodbyes to her parents and friends. Shucks! Edward kissing her for the first time – oh men! And lastly, so “kilig” when Edward, for the first time – called her “Mrs. Cullen” – ugh! Butterfly stomach to the maximum level!

Third was when Bella found out that she was pregnant. Again, I remember myself the time I found out that I was pregnant. Silly but it’s true. It scares the hell out of me. Afraid of course of the responsibility, but with Bella – once more it’s totally different of course. Who would ever think a vampire can still produce those things? No one! Haha!

Funny part of me reading this whole Twilight Saga happened last night. I was reading the part of Jacob’s. I got bored obviously. I’m not a Jacob fan! Haller! Anyhow, so when Jacob went to the Cullen’s place to kill them – first plan, I was like “What?!” and when Edward spoke to him about some deals, I was like again “What?!!”. So at once – I really can’t wait for the part, I texted a dear friend all the way down to Canada who have just finished reading the Twilight Saga and right away asked her what will happen next. Questions on my mind floating like denden-denden-denden-den (with a tune of Shark the movie soundtrack). I can’t wait to know what will happen next, and it was like killing me. I needed to know what will happen in order to cool myself. Well, so now I know the ending – kill joy? Of course I will still read the book up until the last page. No thrill? There will still be – for me. At least now, I will not freak out like what’s happening. It came to a point wherein I can’t stop reading until I found out what will happen next that’s why I texted her and waited for her reply.

Last night, I slept 4am – just because of chapter 8, hehe!

Now back to reading mode. Ciao!

Off Duty

It’s my off tomorrow.

Things to do:

- Harvest my crops on the right time. Yep, I’m one of the Farm Town fanatics. With the help of some friends who has been playing and who has been obsessed like me, I’m on 17th level now. Wohoo! More plows & plant, hopefully in time; I’ll be able to purchase my house.

- Off means more bonding time with Bb Julia. She’s have the so called separation anxiety coz whenever I go out of the room to get something, she cried making her self look “kawawa”. It’s funny how she cries over my absences. Of course Hubby’s upset knowing this, so he tried leaving the room and closing the door behind him to check if Bb Julia will cry – unfortunately, she’s known to be Daddy’s look-a-like and recently, we found out that she is also a Daddy’s little girl. She cried when she saw her Papa closing the door as well. Good thing though, that whenever we leave her behind the baby sitter, she just looked at us in a strange way like saying “You think I will cry? Of course Not!” – well, it’s a fact that Bb Julia’s enjoying herself with the company of Tita Lei. Alhamdulillah (Thanks God) we were able to find an excellent nanny.

- No work also means laundry – well I’m doing it right now as we speak, clean-up and ironing day as well. Got to catch up with household tasks aside from nurturing Bb Julia.

Well, those are just the 3 major things I need to do for today – coz I’m writing this 313am!

Good night everyone!

Just a Quick Update

Too busy to blog. Well, what’s up with me? I’m writing this past 12 midnight already. Bb Julia slept around 1130pm – a big miracle. Hopefully (crossing my fingers), she will not be awaken till tomorrow morning. Last night, she slept around 3am giving me the all time famous “sleep deprivation” mode. I’m loosing weight coz of no sleep at night. Usually awaken around 2pm when Bb Julia wakes up as well. Will be busy for 2 hours doing everything for the little one – that includes giving her day bath, feeding her and that last is putting her on her bouncer to let her watch Dora the Explorer.

We’ll be opening a new shop within the next 2 weeks so will be back with my regular work shift leaving behind Bb Julia again with our trusted baby sitter. So right now, aside from doing some (not really all) work loads in the house, I’m so addicted with Farmtown on Facebook. Who invented these games?! I’m so addicted that I’m like checking the hours to make sure that I’ll be able to harvest my plants at the right time – will be too upset to leave them all to the waste. My big ate’s back home are like calling or texting each other just to inform them that their seeds are ready for harvest – haha! LOL!

Got to go. Will get a quick sleep together with the little one.

I’ve Come to Realize…

Tagged by Terette Pamski on FB.
Replace my answers with yours and spread the love around:

1. I’ve come to realize that my heart…
– will always be beating until I die.

2. I’ve come to realize that my job…
– is and will always be my 3rd priority. Firs is my job to be a good human, 2nd is for my family.

3. I’ve come to realize that when I’m driving…
– in dreams, I will always be like the paranoid driver ever on the street. Nerbyosa to the maximum level!

4. I’ve come to realize that I need…
– to manage my time in order to serve my Husband and to be good mother to Julia.

5. I’ve come to realize that I’ve lost…
– a lost a lot of weight since Mom left. Sleep deprivation kills me!

6. I’ve come to realize that I hate it when…
– the husband complains looking over Bb Julia. Haller! As if I’m on the only parent here!

7. I’ve come to realize that the person I like…
– will always have something negative.

8. I’ve come to realize that money…
– is not at all important. It’s just a need to survive for now.

9. I’ve come to realize that people…
– will always be different from what you’re thinking of & that there will always be someone who’ll be a back fighter.

10. I’ve come to realize that I’ll always be…
– small – never will grow an inch! Hahaha!

The total questions asked were 30. I’ll sum it up for now. Remaining answers will be done later.

Bb Julia Turned 6!

Wow! Time flies so fast. My baby’s halfway already and in a another 6 months, she’ll turn ONE! Yesterday, we went out to celebrate Mother’s Day and Bb Julia’s 6th MoBday (month + birthday). This I think is the loneliest MoBday for Julia. This is our first month with Mommy, huhu! As you all know, she went back home since her VISA has expired. We’re thinking (fingers crossed) Insha Allah (God willing) we’ll take her back after 3 months. But that will all depends if we failed to take my eldest sister here to baby sit Julia.

As your baby starts becoming more active, he’ll appreciate comfy clothes. Opt for soft fabrics that won’t chafe him as he moves around. Loose, stretchy, and breathable clothing will provide your energetic little one plenty of wiggle room.
Avoid clothes that have rough or scratchy seams; long ties, buttons, or bows (which could be a choking hazard); and anything else that gets in the way of your baby’s sleeping, crawling, or playing. Source

And of course, here are some photos to share.Bb Julia by 6MyBabyMyBaby

One of the things Bb Julia loves to do durint the day is to watch her favorite show which is DORA THE EXPLORER. One of her Godmother gave her a CD for her to play on during the afternoon. The problem sometimes – actually most of the times, is that she’s always fallen asleep while I’m playing the show for her. Not bad for a good start right? I can see that her favorite subject will be RECESS and LUNCH Break, hehe!WatchingDora

This was the part in Dora where Mosimo, the bag will sing his part “BACK PACK… BACK PACK…”BackPackSong This is what you called LAWAY!OmJuliaOmJulia

The candle that wasn’t even lit up last night.6thCandle

Because my Baby is now a Lady. Thanks to – again, one of her uncle for the Jumper dress. She looks like she’s going to pre-school already. The only problem was that she kept on licking the buckles of the dress.Dress1Dress2

That’s it for now. You can view all the photos if we’re connected in FB.

Under Maintenance

I’m in – as we speak, in the process of changing my blog theme. So if you found something weird during your visit that’s because I can’t make up my mind with what to do with my theme. Haha!

I hope that the designs will get along with each other – especially the color. This is the first time I’ll be using “BLUE” as the main color of my theme. For a change.

See you in a while.

The 8 Tag

It’s been a while since I last snagged a tag. I’m so sorry for those who tagged me last month – I hope you understand that I can’t blog that much these days. I really do apologized for abandoning it. Though I bookmarked the persons who tagged and as soon as I have enough – longer time to blog, I’ll answer them all.

Here’s a quick tag to answer from ate Chie.

8 Things I’m Looking Forward To:
- Our 8th shop will open hopefully within this week
- Mother’s Day
- Bb Julia’s 6th months
- To have my Niknok (D40x DSLR) under maintenance
- Long weekend again with Bb Julia and Hubby
- TASKS – which I have been dying for to have for the past months now!
- Canvassing for SOMETHING ;)
- Changing my blog theme – yes, you heard it ;) I have the theme (Twilight imitation, hehe!)

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
- Stayed up late up to 6 am coz of Bb Julia having a hard time sleeping
- Mommy roles
- FB updates
- Blog hop
- Finished reports for work
- Blog hop (again)
- Watched TWILIGHT for the Nth time, hehe!
- Craved for ICED COLA! Huhuhu!

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:
- Cook food more often
- Watched FRIENDS SERIES on the DVD
- Blog hop more often like I used to
- Chat with old friends
- Be a shopaholic
- Swim again
- Stay up late and sleep when I want to
- Should’ve tour the world first, echos!

8 Shows I Watch:
- Mickey Mouse Houseclueb (coz of Bb Julia)
- Little Einstein (again coz of Bb Julia)
- Scooby Doo (and for the Nth time, coz of Bb Julia)
- Anything on the movie channel
- TV Patrol (wish ko lang connected ang TFC ko diba?)
- will get back to you with the 7th answer
- same with the 8th, hehe!

That’s it….

Ah need ot tag this to 8 persons – please snag it if you want. I have so many people on my blog roll, ALL nalang po. Just please leave me a note once you’re done with it.

I’ll sleep na. Will bring Bb Julia to her baby sitter and will have to work pa. Thanks again te Chie for the tag.


A Contest by Mommy Yen

If you want to have a little something, join Mommy Yen’s contest.

Here’s the link.

I’m joining! I might be one of the lucky winners – again, hopefully. This means I really have to log on even on work night just to check for any updates. I’ve already subscribed for mailing list so I’m always up to date with Mommy Yen’s post.

So join in and enjoy the fun – one important thing though – NO SPAMMING! Hehe!