On Bags

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As I’ve said, Mom will be leaving this Saturday and as early as now, we’re packing up her things to make sure that all necessary things are ready to go.

Unfortunately, we shopped too much for my family back home that we never realized that we’re over weight already. The luggage that Mom will be using is a little too small for the things we need to packed. I was hoping that we have these types of luggage where in you can place all the necessary and important things you need whenever you’re travelling. I’m sure aside from the things you had, there will definitely be space for more shopping.

Aside from the luggage’s, I’m also looking for bags that will fit my personal needs. I have tons – and when I say tons as in really many, things inside my bag. I need something big and durable enough for heavy things. Not that I have metals stuffs inside my bag, it’s just that I have a book and a planner that occupies a lot of space. I’m thinking of carrying a backpack instead. Oh yes, will definitely hold a lot but will have no space for my work. Good thing that there’s no need for me to bring my laptop along, other wise I’ll be needing a fashionable laptop bag as well.

Speaking of fashionable, I’m not really into designer handbags – though I’ve been eyeing and been dreaming to have one of those LV bags, Coach, and the best of them (for me) is Burberry.

Guess I’ll end up with a big diaper bag. Got to go online shopping and of course motherhood duties and all that.

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