My Twilight Saga

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I’ve been dying to blog about my first ever collectibles. So proud to have it – though I only have the Soft bound, it’s much better rather than nothing. What matters is the story under the cover, right? A big thanks to my co-workers Joana and Ishlyn and Terette Pamski (all the way from Canada) for sending me a soft copy as well – PDF formats.

Last January 2009, Virgin Megastore called me up to inform me of the Book 4 which is Breaking Dawn. Well, I don’t have the Book 1 yet but I might as well buy it since I know they’ll call me up for it in the future anyway.

February 2009, they called me for Book 1 and 2 – Twilight and New Moon, at the same time. During this time, I’ve already finished with Twilight since Joana lend me hers for the mean time – Thanks Mojo!

March 2009, my Twilight Saga is complete. I just noticed now that I arranged it the way I had the book, hehe!Twilight Saga

Just a fact: it’s so hard to find a PLASTIC COVER for books here in the Middle East especially here in Qatar! All their book covers are not the same in the Philippines – you know the shiny one. Here it’s always adhesive. Guess where I was able to find plastic covers? Believe it or not, I was able to buy it from the Flower Shop! Yes, you read it right. Isn’t it that flowers are being wrapped with a plastic cellophane, well that’s what I used to cover the last 3 books of my Twilight Saga. I covered Breaking Dawn again – just to make all the same. This is what you called – as per Jacob “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, hehe!

I’m currently reading Eclipse now, but since I’m a full time Mommy to Bb Julia, I’m just reading 3 or 4 pages every morning on my way to work. So slow, hehe!

Recently, just before Mom left, Mohammed informed me that Virgin Megastore released their DVD Collection for Twilight with Disc 2 featuring deleted and never before scenes. This is really a must have on my list. So, Mohammed gave me this as a post birthday gift. Thanks Hamude!Twilight DVD

The DVD has Arabic subtitle – so Hubby was able to enjoy watching it for the 2nd time also.Twilight DVD

Here are some photos to share.  Bella & Edward

I’ve seen Twilight for 5 or 6 times already, and I don’t feel bored at all. Even Julia watched with me the last time I played it. I think she likes Bella too – hehe!Disc One Disc Two

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  1. anney says:

    Wow naman at napasaiyo din at last ang collectibles na yan! kailan mo kaya matatapos basahin lahat yan no? Ang kapal e. Galing din ng naisipan mo na magpunta sa flower shop para sa plastic. hehehe!

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