My Mommy Dearest

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Yes, my Mommy went back home :( Huhu! It just took me now to blog about it coz I was crying too much for the last 2 days. I barely can’t open my eyes because of crying.

Friday night, I have been crying out loud. I can’t even look at my Mom in the eye coz I don’t want to show her the tears I’ve been holding back since January. Yes, since January I’ve been crying inside the bathroom – believe it or not! This was the time when I went back to work coz every time I come home, the dinner was served and Bb Julia was all tucked in her bed sleeping already. She’s the one washing our clothes and doing the ironing for the past 6 months. It made me spoiled for a while. Bunso eh! I guess, it’s always like that, hihi!

Last Saturday, we dropped her to the airport. And I tell you before she checked-in, we were all in tears – except for Bb Julia of course who was just looking back curiously at us, probably thinking why we were all crying. She was looking at mommy strangely that night in the airport. She made Mommy cried too much when she suddenly hold her face – like it’s telling her “Lula, don’t worry – I’ll see you all with Daddy next year” – nakakaiyak!

She arrived safely after 10 hours of flight – coz she made a stop over Bahrain for an hour. She said that the first thing they did was eat lunch at Jollibee – Batchoy, hihi!

Some of Mommy’s stuff are still here with us. There’s no more space in her luggage bag so I pulled out all the heavy things behind and promised her to send it to Philippines hopefully Insha Allah by December – Balikbayan Padala. One of the things I asked her to leave was one of the unexpected things that she wants to bring home – GARLIC! Haha! Me and my BIL was like laughing to the maximum level! Sa dinamidaming iuuwi eh bawang pa ang gusto nya. I told her “Mommy, wala namang ASWANG sa eroplano’t kailangan mong magdala ng bawang! ‘Sus ginoo!” – this are just one of the million reasons why I love my Mom. She makes everything IMPORTANT to her.

I Love You Mommy! I’ll see you next year Insha Allah!

Here’s Mom at Doha International Airport before she checked-in. After taking this photo by Hubby, crying times na.MomAtDohaAirport

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