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… really is so hard!

Now I know the feeling of being a FULL TIME MOM.

How is it that others can do all in one day and still have time to blog? Tips naman jan mga Mommies.


  1. ruther says:

    oist..kelan ka pa nag full time mom?ako din, gus2 ko sna maging full time mom. But i just don't want to give up my financial independe from hubby. Bad ko noh?anyhoo, i seldom update na my blogger blogs. I moved to wordpress na po. :

  2. liezl says:

    hi again fellow mom and blogger, hehe. u asked about chikai…yup, i'm her older sis. she's the one who encouraged me to blog (along with hubby) :)sa mga full time mom na tulad natin…kapag tulog na si baby at tapos na sa chores saka lng tau maka-blog, hehe. ako, i stopped working when i gave birth. hubby and i decided not to get yaya. premature ksi baby namin kaya takot kmi paalagaan sya sa iba. but she's ok now. she just turned 1 last april 15.kisses to your cutie baby.

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