April 19th 2009 – 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

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DSC_1152That’s US – Me and Hubby turned 2 years already. Time flies so fast.

A day before 19th, I said to my Mom that the next morning is our 2nd year wedding anniversary – I was planning to alarm my phone but forgetful me forget as usual.

The next day, a friend of mine called me up at work and greeted me. We got married at the same time so of course she can’t forget that it’s our special day as well. Then I remembered that Hubby forgot our date as well, hehe!

I texted him nalang, hehe! Kuripot noh?

A common friend of ours said that Hubby didn’t forget our date. As a matter of fact, he set an alarm – however, he alarmed it 19th of April 2010! Haha! No wonder it didn’t alarm this year, hehe!

We didn’t go out that night coz we had work the next day. We just shared that day with our friends and Hubby bought a cake.

And she’s the reason why our love is getting stronger everyday.Bb Julia


  1. Jhari says:

    @ Sis Chikai:Pag may outdoor it looks like blue pero pag indoor para siyang gray. My Caucasian eyes baby. Nakuha nya sa Lola ni Hubby (mother side), they have blue eyes kasi. Para tuloy hindi ko talaga siya anak, hehehe!

  2. Chikai says:

    belated sis! kami naman tagal pa anniversary but i have to remind hubby as early as now para makaipon na sya. gusto ko ng mamahaling regalo eh. hahaha!btw, bb julia looks so pretty! ang sarap pisilin ng pisngi. tska ang ganda ng kulay ng mata nya no? gray ba yan?

  3. liezl says:

    happy 2nd anniv to u and ur hubby. same year tayo kinasal. sa june 16 naman kmi mag-celebrate ng ika 2nd year namin. i got ur site from my sis chikai. u have a nice blog…i enjoyed reading your posts.

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