Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

The title says it all.

I swear when I watched this for the first, I cried. Mom was still here when Hubby showed this to me. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the famous SUSAN BOYLE, a 47 years old from Scotland. She joined Britain’s Got Talent and showed them off that really she does have a talent.

So what can you say about that?

My Twilight Saga

I’ve been dying to blog about my first ever collectibles. So proud to have it – though I only have the Soft bound, it’s much better rather than nothing. What matters is the story under the cover, right? A big thanks to my co-workers Joana and Ishlyn and Terette Pamski (all the way from Canada) for sending me a soft copy as well – PDF formats.

Last January 2009, Virgin Megastore called me up to inform me of the Book 4 which is Breaking Dawn. Well, I don’t have the Book 1 yet but I might as well buy it since I know they’ll call me up for it in the future anyway.

February 2009, they called me for Book 1 and 2 – Twilight and New Moon, at the same time. During this time, I’ve already finished with Twilight since Joana lend me hers for the mean time – Thanks Mojo!

March 2009, my Twilight Saga is complete. I just noticed now that I arranged it the way I had the book, hehe!Twilight Saga

Just a fact: it’s so hard to find a PLASTIC COVER for books here in the Middle East especially here in Qatar! All their book covers are not the same in the Philippines – you know the shiny one. Here it’s always adhesive. Guess where I was able to find plastic covers? Believe it or not, I was able to buy it from the Flower Shop! Yes, you read it right. Isn’t it that flowers are being wrapped with a plastic cellophane, well that’s what I used to cover the last 3 books of my Twilight Saga. I covered Breaking Dawn again – just to make all the same. This is what you called – as per Jacob “obsessive-compulsive disorder”, hehe!

I’m currently reading Eclipse now, but since I’m a full time Mommy to Bb Julia, I’m just reading 3 or 4 pages every morning on my way to work. So slow, hehe!

Recently, just before Mom left, Mohammed informed me that Virgin Megastore released their DVD Collection for Twilight with Disc 2 featuring deleted and never before scenes. This is really a must have on my list. So, Mohammed gave me this as a post birthday gift. Thanks Hamude!Twilight DVD

The DVD has Arabic subtitle – so Hubby was able to enjoy watching it for the 2nd time also.Twilight DVD

Here are some photos to share.  Bella & Edward

I’ve seen Twilight for 5 or 6 times already, and I don’t feel bored at all. Even Julia watched with me the last time I played it. I think she likes Bella too – hehe!Disc One Disc Two

April 19th 2009 – 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

DSC_1152That’s US – Me and Hubby turned 2 years already. Time flies so fast.

A day before 19th, I said to my Mom that the next morning is our 2nd year wedding anniversary – I was planning to alarm my phone but forgetful me forget as usual.

The next day, a friend of mine called me up at work and greeted me. We got married at the same time so of course she can’t forget that it’s our special day as well. Then I remembered that Hubby forgot our date as well, hehe!

I texted him nalang, hehe! Kuripot noh?

A common friend of ours said that Hubby didn’t forget our date. As a matter of fact, he set an alarm – however, he alarmed it 19th of April 2010! Haha! No wonder it didn’t alarm this year, hehe!

We didn’t go out that night coz we had work the next day. We just shared that day with our friends and Hubby bought a cake.

And she’s the reason why our love is getting stronger everyday.Bb Julia

My Mommy Dearest

Yes, my Mommy went back home :( Huhu! It just took me now to blog about it coz I was crying too much for the last 2 days. I barely can’t open my eyes because of crying.

Friday night, I have been crying out loud. I can’t even look at my Mom in the eye coz I don’t want to show her the tears I’ve been holding back since January. Yes, since January I’ve been crying inside the bathroom – believe it or not! This was the time when I went back to work coz every time I come home, the dinner was served and Bb Julia was all tucked in her bed sleeping already. She’s the one washing our clothes and doing the ironing for the past 6 months. It made me spoiled for a while. Bunso eh! I guess, it’s always like that, hihi!

Last Saturday, we dropped her to the airport. And I tell you before she checked-in, we were all in tears – except for Bb Julia of course who was just looking back curiously at us, probably thinking why we were all crying. She was looking at mommy strangely that night in the airport. She made Mommy cried too much when she suddenly hold her face – like it’s telling her “Lula, don’t worry – I’ll see you all with Daddy next year” – nakakaiyak!

She arrived safely after 10 hours of flight – coz she made a stop over Bahrain for an hour. She said that the first thing they did was eat lunch at Jollibee – Batchoy, hihi!

Some of Mommy’s stuff are still here with us. There’s no more space in her luggage bag so I pulled out all the heavy things behind and promised her to send it to Philippines hopefully Insha Allah by December – Balikbayan Padala. One of the things I asked her to leave was one of the unexpected things that she wants to bring home – GARLIC! Haha! Me and my BIL was like laughing to the maximum level! Sa dinamidaming iuuwi eh bawang pa ang gusto nya. I told her “Mommy, wala namang ASWANG sa eroplano’t kailangan mong magdala ng bawang! ‘Sus ginoo!” – this are just one of the million reasons why I love my Mom. She makes everything IMPORTANT to her.

I Love You Mommy! I’ll see you next year Insha Allah!

Here’s Mom at Doha International Airport before she checked-in. After taking this photo by Hubby, crying times na.MomAtDohaAirport

On Bags

As I’ve said, Mom will be leaving this Saturday and as early as now, we’re packing up her things to make sure that all necessary things are ready to go.

Unfortunately, we shopped too much for my family back home that we never realized that we’re over weight already. The luggage that Mom will be using is a little too small for the things we need to packed. I was hoping that we have these types of luggage where in you can place all the necessary and important things you need whenever you’re travelling. I’m sure aside from the things you had, there will definitely be space for more shopping.

Aside from the luggage’s, I’m also looking for bags that will fit my personal needs. I have tons – and when I say tons as in really many, things inside my bag. I need something big and durable enough for heavy things. Not that I have metals stuffs inside my bag, it’s just that I have a book and a planner that occupies a lot of space. I’m thinking of carrying a backpack instead. Oh yes, will definitely hold a lot but will have no space for my work. Good thing that there’s no need for me to bring my laptop along, other wise I’ll be needing a fashionable laptop bag as well.

Speaking of fashionable, I’m not really into designer handbags – though I’ve been eyeing and been dreaming to have one of those LV bags, Coach, and the best of them (for me) is Burberry.

Guess I’ll end up with a big diaper bag. Got to go online shopping and of course motherhood duties and all that.

Mommy Moments { Sentimental Moments }

I’m so tamad with blogging these days. Mom will be leaving soon so I’m in the middle of coping up with wifey role – that is COOKING to the maximum level. Need to open up by recipe book – that if I remember where I last put it, hehe!


Time for Mommy Moments – better late than never entry again.


I found this photo stored in Hubby’s phone. This was the time we were about to leave the hospital. The 2nd day of being a Mom to Julia – Om Julia. My in laws was down waiting for us so the camera was with them already, but good that Hubby thought of taking a photo of this. I was in pain actually coz of the episiotomy procedure pero all out smile parin, for the sake of kodak moments hehe! These was truly one of the sentimental photos I can share with you guys.

Till next week ;)

Won Ho Chung

I just imagine how Julia will look like when she grows up speaking the home language of her father – Arabic.

Watch the video below and for sure you’ll laugh out loud – just like me. He’s so funny! Even though he made fun of Filipinos – no doubt, I’m a witness that some of us really do have that “P & F Defeciency” grammar problem, hehe!

I really recommend watching these clips – just for fun. Can’t wait for Julia to grow up and then I will imagine myself listening to her talking in Arabic and will not be able to understand a SINGLE WORD that she’ll say, hehe! Insha Allah by God’s will, by that time I can speak and relay to Arabic language already, sigh!

Picnic at the Park

Just to change our moods, today we decided to take lunch at one of the famous park right now here in Doha. Aside from the all time favorite Corniche which is along the sea side, we went just behind Hyatt Plaza and beside Villaggio Mall (where I’m working at). A 10 minutes drive from our place.

We fetch BIL from work around 4pm and off we go the the park.

Here are some photos to share.

Mom, BIL and Hubby

This is the Khalifa Tower that stands as the torch during the Asian Games 2006.Khalifa Tower

Mom at the background – hehe!Oweini Family

Here’s me and Bb Julia – trying hard to smile kahit hirap na sa pagtalon, hehe! A big applause to BIL who only took 1 shot for this! Clap Clap Clap!jumpshoot

Tongue out! Bb Julia is so fascinated with faces.DSC_1070

Precious moments with Julia – poor Papa, still on the phone :( DSC_1094

Big girls don’t cry! She was just gooing back to us, hehe!DSC_1096

Curious little girl – looking at Papa’s Blackberry – checking his work emails even off.DSC_1106

Up up and away! She’s Super Julia! Hehe!DSC_1111

I uploaded pictures on my FB account.

Will be back tomorrow for work. Hope I’ll be able to blog by Monday night to do some task. Have a nice weekend everyone!

BIL’s Arrival

Finally he’s here!

Answered prayer. BIL arrived last 5th of April – 9AM Qatar time. We’ve been waiting for him since December. It was worth a wait.

Hubby and I are so happy coz finally, he’s here with us. He can start a new life again and will be able to help out and to support his family. BIL and I are like brothers in blood. I grew up with knowing him not like as a brother in law but as a real kuya. We’re all girls in the family and when my eldest sister got married, I was at the age of starting to remember things. 7 years old was like the most unforgettable years of my life. We went to Saudi Arabia to settle down for a while – Mom and Dad looked for a greener pasture in the middle east so I was like grew up without any playmate at all.

Kuya worked in Medina (southern part of the Kingdom) way back 1990’s and during the holiday season, he stayed with us for a week. We played Nintendo and he’s always there for me kahit na alam nyang makulit ako. That’s why when he left back to work, I cried as in. I’m so proud that Hubby and I was able to help him find a work. This is the only way for me to help my loving sister and their kids who means a lot to me.

Welcome to Qatar Kuya! First off – The Pearl of Qatar.Kuya Ramil

BIL, Mom and Hubby carrying Bb Julia at our Pearl’s Nth visit.Kuya, Mommy and Hubby

Joy and Me infront of C.Dior ShopDSC_0850

Shops that you can find in The Pearl – things only Sheikh and Sheikha can afford! Gulp!BALENCIAGASTEFANO RICCIEAGLE SUIT

As usual, Bb Julia’s sucking her tongue all the night.DSC_0891

Fun Birthday Facts

  • Your baby’s half birthday is May 11
  • Your baby’s birthstone is Yellow Topaz (Fidelity) – shucks! Bb Julia’s birthstone has the eyes of Edward – Golden Topaz! Hihi!
  • Your baby’s Astrological Sign is Scorpio
  • Your baby’s Flower is Chrysanthemum or Chrysanthemum (Dark Blue, Red and Yellow)
  • Your baby was born in the Chinese Year of The Brown Earth Rat
  • Your baby will start kindergarten in 2013, be old enough to drive a car in 2024, finish high school in 2026, and will graduate from college with the class of 2030, give or take a year. Can you imagine?
  • This time last year you were 11 Weeks Pregnant

Snagged this from ate Kaje and was tagged by Sis Chikai.

11 weeks Pregnant, I was like in the middle of craving and can’t bare the morning sickness. Shucks!

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Question of the Week #53

Here’s this weeks QOTW. Join us!


If you’re joining;
+ try to leave some love to other participants! Specially to the one up above you!
+ A link back to this post or to this blog would be appreciated.

1. Have you been good this week?

- Yes! I’ve always been.

2. Name some things you shouldn’t do in a hurry.

- Ironing the clothes.

3. Name a sound that drives you nuts.

-  a nail scratching, yikes!

4. When is the last time you bought fresh flowers?

- Valentines Day.

5. Name the first thought that comes to your mind when I mention “Time”.

- Prayer time.

6. Is there something that you’re supposed to do on a daily basis, that you have not yet done today?

- Blog, hehe! But I’m doing it now and need to cope up.

7. Do you love finding trouble to get into?

- Oh no! As much as possible, I want peace.

8. Which are you better at, remembering faces or names?

- Faces. After giving birth, I’ve been having hard time remember names.

9. Can you see your home on Google’s Street View?

- Yup. But only here in Qatar. I’m having a hard time finding our street in the Philippines though.

10. It’s official, I’ve become ___!

- a vampire! Haha! The Bella in me still leaves.