Sitter for Julia

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Not in a good mood for blogging these days. So busy with work and trying to cope up with Mommy Duties as well.

Mom will be leaving by 25th of April – so need to be independent again. We’re trying to apply for a visa for my sister – but unfortunately, our request was not granted by the Immigration which makes Hubby more upset. Everyday as I look into the calendar, and I think of the fact that Mom will be leaving soon, I feel so hopeless! Not that I can’t do it myself but the fact that I’ll be leaving Julia with a stranger is totally 101% unacceptable to me.

We’re trying our best to find a good nanny, we found one already with a reasonable price. 9 hours a day for $165 / month is not bad at all. But of course, this will lead me working back to 8 hours a day 6 days a week and 1 day off. I don’t like to go back to the old schedule since I’m so used working 12 hours straight and a 3 days off straight as well.

Insha Allah (God willing) we’ll try another way – much better way. I’m thinking of not working for 3 months just to look over Julia, but it’s a big financial loss for us. I’m not just supporting my husband but my family back home as well – referring to Mom and Dad.

Enough of the emote moments. I’ll be back on Tuesday to blog more.



  1. angelaze says:

    It's really hard to leave your kids in the hands of a stranger. Kay Jazer I am totally hands on with him because I really want to be with him. If I have the same case as yours… I'll get a nanny hile your mom is still here so she can train her. Swerte na nga lang ako d2 sa nanny na nakuha namin kse she takes care of my kids as family members na rin. Kaya kmi we never treat her as others as family nga. Sabi nga ni Jazer sa family tree nya he has four apples and 1 banana. It's like Ate Fe different but family.

  2. anney says:

    Naku ang hirap talaga pag di mo kakilala ang mag be-baby sit. Try lang kayo ng try mag apply ng visa malay nyo sa susunod e ma grant na. Iba kasi pag family o kamag anak mo ang mag aalaga. May tiwala ka.

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