My Valentine

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It was just a usual day for me. Went to work and never even bothered myself to text Hubby valentines day. Though I woke up knowing that it’s not an ordinary day.

It’s our 3rd valentines day and our 1st with Bb Julia.

While I was at work, I kept on thinking what to gift I could give Hubby. Cufflinks, shades, a new pen or wallet? I end up buying a wallet in River Island – but I’m planning to buy him a new one from Zara. I preferred to give him black.

Hubby picked me up from work and it’s so obvious that he’s hiding something at the back of the car since he kept on making me look forward – not a usual thing to say kasi. As if I don’t know, hahaha!vdayrose

We arrived home safely and I was so anxious to go down the car. He told me to look at the front car of our neighbor’s car claiming that there’s a bump on it. I kept on looking at the bumpers but I didn’t any scratch at all – he was kidding pala! Loko loko! We were both going inside the house when suddenly he said that he forgot something in the car. He claimed again that he forgot his wallet “Asus!” – yun ang sagot ko sa kanya.

Kicking Bb Julia and Mommy opened the door for me. I gave Mom a bracelet from Mode – one of the things she was eyeing on when we visit the shop once. Thank God she liked it.

Then Hubby came in from the door holding 4 stems of red roses and a gift wrapped carefully while saying “Happy Valentines Day Sweety!” – exchange gifts ito? hehehe! I gave him my gift narin.

I was trying to remember what I asked him for Valentines day. When I opened the gift, it was all black kasi. Weew! A new set of Abaya. Here in gulf, women are wearing this black dress called “Abaya” – it’s a traditional dress for women aside of course from wearing the regular Hijab which covers the hair.


Hubby bought these new styles. Kulang nalang magiging Qatari na ako, hehehe!


  1. Beth says:

    I like the abaya, jhari! my husband used to work in Saudi Arabia and one of the reasons he didn't bring me there is naka-abaya daw kasi ung women, bka di ko daw kayanin hehehe. I think mas ok sa Qatar kasi mas mahigpit sa Saudi di ba? :)

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