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Just a quick updates concerning:

WORK – obliged to work this coming Friday since there will be a slight change regarding our working schedule. That means, I’ll be on duty from Friday to Monday night. Don’t know if I’ll be able to blog hop during those days. That means as well that I have to spend more time with Bb Julia until Thursday night.

HUSBAND – just bought me a new abaya and was not satisfied with my Valentines gift. I’m sad because there’s no stock of leather wallets in Zara right now. I’ve asked one of the staff to notify me right away once they have it before Hubby decides to fling out the wallet into the trash, hehehe!

Bb JULIA – just turned 3mos and 2wks. She’s growing up so fast! Habitually awake until 3:30 am – lucky us if she slept around 2 am, and will wake up around 1 pm and lucky again if she’ll wake up 3 pm. A long sleep for Mom as well. She cries less than before. Will call out if hungry or just made poopoo. Cries when she feels irritated or plainly tired of playing alone with herself. Can say short syllables like “gha”, “nye” (meaning she needs milk), “mi” (I think this means Mommy), “ghing” (I think she’s saying my name here, being as Jheng), “dr” (I don’t have even a slight idea what this means) and “hmm”. And finally, I can proudly say that she can recognize me and her Papa’s face already. How? She will stare at us first and then she will bring out that cute grin ever. Alhamdulillah! Thanks God!

MOMMY – will be leaving on the 25th of April. We’ve already booked her flight a few weeks ago so there’s really no extension this time. So as early as now, I’m panicking already as to who will look over Bb Julia while me and hubby are at work. Crying-out-loud!

FACEBOOK – well, I’m addicted with PET SOCIETY. Hubby and I challenge ourselves with the GEO CHALLENGE. Unfortunately, he outrun me by having the top score and was ahead 2 steps from me. Shocks!

That’s all for now.

I hope I’ll be able to blog more tomorrow. No task given, huhu!

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