PhotoHunt { Thankful }

photohunterz For this week’s theme, the title is THANKFUL. I wanted to post lots of photos, but I guess these are the important ones.

So thankful for having been blessed with such a wonderful family.

Youngest among 3 girl. So thankful to have my parents, my sisters and


Saw this meme from a dear friend and ate Chris as well. Haven’t done any meme this past few days so might as well snag it for fun.

The Rules:
-Copy the questions below.
-Simply use the first letter of your name/nickname as your answer for each questions.
-You can’t use any answer twice and don’t use your own name for questions # 3 & 4.

1. What is your name? Mary Jay
2. A four letter word: Mine
3. A boy’s name : Mario
4. A girl’s name : Monalisa
5. An occupation : Musician
6. A color : Mink – hehehe! Mwede ring Mlue, Mrown, Mlack hahaha!
7. Something you wear : Mascara
8. A type of food : Mush Potato
9. Something found in the bathroom :
10. A place : Minnesota
11. A reason for being late : Ma-traffic – hehehe!
12. Something you shout : My Golay!
13. A movie title : My Best Friend’s Wedding
14. Something you drink : Milo
15. A musical group : Menudo
16. A street name : Maryland
17. A type of car : Mercedes Benz
18. A song title : Macarena
19. A verb : Move

Hello Blog World!

Just a quick updates concerning:

WORK – obliged to work this coming Friday since there will be a slight change regarding our working schedule. That means, I’ll be on duty from Friday to Monday night. Don’t know if I’ll be able to blog hop during those days. That means as well that I have to spend more time with Bb Julia until Thursday night.

HUSBAND – just bought me a new abaya and was not satisfied with my Valentines gift. I’m sad because there’s no stock of leather wallets in Zara right now. I’ve asked one of the staff to notify me right away once they have it before Hubby decides to fling out the wallet into the trash, hehehe!

Bb JULIA – just turned 3mos and 2wks. She’s growing up so fast! Habitually awake until 3:30 am – lucky us if she slept around 2 am, and will wake up around 1 pm and lucky again if she’ll wake up 3 pm. A long sleep for Mom as well. She cries less than before. Will call out if hungry or just made poopoo. Cries when she feels irritated or plainly tired of playing alone with herself. Can say short syllables like “gha”, “nye” (meaning she needs milk), “mi” (I think this means Mommy), “ghing” (I think she’s saying my name here, being as Jheng), “dr” (I don’t have even a slight idea what this means) and “hmm”. And finally, I can proudly say that she can recognize me and her Papa’s face already. How? She will stare at us first and then she will bring out that cute grin ever. Alhamdulillah! Thanks God!

MOMMY – will be leaving on the 25th of April. We’ve already booked her flight a few weeks ago so there’s really no extension this time. So as early as now, I’m panicking already as to who will look over Bb Julia while me and hubby are at work. Crying-out-loud!

FACEBOOK – well, I’m addicted with PET SOCIETY. Hubby and I challenge ourselves with the GEO CHALLENGE. Unfortunately, he outrun me by having the top score and was ahead 2 steps from me. Shocks!

That’s all for now.

I hope I’ll be able to blog more tomorrow. No task given, huhu!

My Valentine

It was just a usual day for me. Went to work and never even bothered myself to text Hubby valentines day. Though I woke up knowing that it’s not an ordinary day.

It’s our 3rd valentines day and our 1st with Bb Julia.

While I was at work, I kept on thinking what to gift I could give Hubby. Cufflinks, shades, a new pen or wallet? I end up buying a wallet in River Island – but I’m planning to buy him a new one from Zara. I preferred to give him black.

Hubby picked me up from work and it’s so obvious that he’s hiding something at the back of the car since he kept on making me look forward – not a usual thing to say kasi. As if I don’t know, hahaha!vdayrose

We arrived home safely and I was so anxious to go down the car. He told me to look at the front car of our neighbor’s car claiming that there’s a bump on it. I kept on looking at the bumpers but I didn’t any scratch at all – he was kidding pala! Loko loko! We were both going inside the house when suddenly he said that he forgot something in the car. He claimed again that he forgot his wallet “Asus!” – yun ang sagot ko sa kanya.

Kicking Bb Julia and Mommy opened the door for me. I gave Mom a bracelet from Mode – one of the things she was eyeing on when we visit the shop once. Thank God she liked it.

Then Hubby came in from the door holding 4 stems of red roses and a gift wrapped carefully while saying “Happy Valentines Day Sweety!” – exchange gifts ito? hehehe! I gave him my gift narin.

I was trying to remember what I asked him for Valentines day. When I opened the gift, it was all black kasi. Weew! A new set of Abaya. Here in gulf, women are wearing this black dress called “Abaya” – it’s a traditional dress for women aside of course from wearing the regular Hijab which covers the hair.


Hubby bought these new styles. Kulang nalang magiging Qatari na ako, hehehe!

Just a quick Note

… to say sorry for not being able to update. I’m not in a mood lately to update and to make tons of stories. Still need to blog about what hubby gave me last Vday but I’m to occupied with playing with Bb Julia.

I’m blog hopping every now and then though and I’m so addicted with playing Pet Society in Facebook, hehehe!

Hope I’ll have the power to update late this evening. Hugs! Xoxo.

On Country Clothing

It’s almost the end of the winter season here in Qatar, so for the past few weeks I’ve been looking for clothes which will be appropriate for the coming season.

I’m eyeing on the country clothes. It’s been a trend here in the middle east thick jackets to protect us from heat and also for the cold season. Barbour Clothing is one of the shops online that you can go thru on finding the best country clothing.

LiBErtyFREEdom Tabitha Tab Collar Jacket - Gorton TweedBarbour Fur Trim Utility NEW Colour - Rustic (Dark Brown) L1602

I love these two jackets from their selection. It’s always been a trend even in the Philippines these types of jackets, especially during the rainy days.

Barbour Ladies Tartan Alice Bag - Muted Tartan B39Barbour Quilted Shoulder Tote Bag - New - Pink B265

These two bags are so glamorous as well.

Barbour & Sons Ltd from UK is currently on sale upto 50%. You’ll get different selection from boots, jackets and coats from all types, bags and accessories and a free shipping. Their products are all high standards and in good quality. I’m hoping in time, I’ll be able to purchased any of these products.

Baby Julia Turned 3

Here I am again to give updates for Bb Julia. Wanted to rant about what happen for the past days pero I don’t have the strength to do it kasi aside from reading Twilight eh I need to look over Bb Julia. Never even had the chance to update my planner. Shucks! So irresponsible I am!

Anyway, no time to cook bongga food for her 3rd month since most of her Ninang are busy with work din. Mom and I just bought a cake to share with them.

Here are some latest photos of Bb Julia.

Sitting pretty on top of her Papa’s tummy, hehehe!bbjuldad

We went out that day to stroll in the mall. I put her pink band given my sister. She looks so adorable! People was looking at her during our stroll. Mixed emotions ako. So proud to be her Mom. bbjuldad1candle3


This was given to her by Mareng Khaty. It’s a cute musical butterfly where you can hang insider her crib, but instead I placed it beside her whenever she takes a nap.

Another months had pass, time flies so fast. Parang kailan lang na little pa si Bb Julia, now she can stretch her legs straight. She’s so advance actually Masha’Allah! May God always save her for us.

PhotoHunt {Bridges}

It’s time for Photohunt Entry. It’s been a while since my last PH entry. Was so busy with work and Bb Julia so I wasn’t able to have the energy to find pictures for every theme. Anyway, it’s better late than never.


These photos were taken during our vacation to Philippines last year. We took Hubby to see 1 of the wonders of the Philippines, Tagaytay People’s Park. He enjoyed the view since he loves nature and he was amazed looking over the Volcano.

Here’s Hubby with my niece Arra whose taking up IT and will graduate thank God next year in PUP. She and her brother are close to me since we’re just 7 years

My BIL and eldest sister ate Alma. I’m planning Insha’Allah God willing to take my sister here in Qatar once my mother leaves so that someone can look over Bb Julia during my

Visit to the Zoo

Was supposed to blog about this on my other blog but wanted to share some photos so I decided to blog it here nalang.

WARNING: Photo Overload!

Last Friday, Hubby and I decided again to visit Doha Zoo since Mom’s still here. Para naman makita nya ang Zoo ng Doha. Friday is a family day so naging crowded ang place. With the new lens Hubby gave me, I took tons of photos which made our visit to the Zoo more exciting since I was able to zoom in to the maximum level, todo na ‘to!

Not so much to say, so here are some photos nalang to share.

Bb Julia of course sleeping all day during our trip inside the park. Pag talaga layasan laging tulog si Bb Julia.bbjuliazoo

I so love this shot of this duck who was standing with one leg, hehehe!zooduck

When we arrived the zoo, it’s time for the giraffes for their meal. I took photos of the excited visitors feeding these long neck animals.zoogiraffe2

The Husband of course tried feeding them – hind talaga magpapahuli si MIster pagdating sa picturan.DSC_0124

Took pictures of these zebras walking together.zoozebra

This is a view of the Khalifa Stadium just a few miles from the Zoo. These was the tower that was lighten up during the Asian Games 2007 that was held here in Doha Qatar. Beside this Stadium is Villaggio Mall where I’m working.zoovillaggio


Time for Bb Julia’s milk – saw Hubby peeking at Bb Julia while we were walking.zoopapamami

Hubby took this amazing shot of this duck swimming around.zooduck3zooostrichzoomonkey

My turn naman to pose – hehehe! Notice the animal behind those wooden bars? Yup, it’s the all time famous LACOSTE himself.zoomeDSC_0182

It was a sunny day.DSC_0144

Yes, this is my savior! My Mommy ever. She’ll be leaving on April 25th – ngayon palang naiiyak na ako kasi for sure I’ll miss her. She’s taking care of Bb Julia while me and Hubby is at work. By the time we arrived from work, dinner’s ready and Bb Julia all cuddled up sleeping beside her. Huhuhu! I’ll be doing everything again once umalis na siya. DSC_0145DSC_0200

Never had the chance to feed the giraffes so bumawi nalang ako by feeding this cute deer and the national animal of Qatar, Oryx.DSC_0208DSC_0210

I uploaded more pictures on my multiply site.