PhotoHunt { Wide }

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Was kind a late for this week’s entry because I was searching for my files to grab the great photo for this entry. I was looking over pictures way back 2007. I’m trying to have only 1 entry for each hunt – stopping myself not to post the other photo, hehehe!


Wide – Open!

This is Hubby and his neice Yara playing around when we visited them at their house during our vacation in Damascus Syria last September 2007. Yara is the eldest daughter of Hubby’s sister ate Rana. I love this moment when they were both playing around. Yara copied what his Khalo {Uncle} Abed was doing, hehehe! Yara looks like Hubby actually. They have the same eye color, eyebrows and nose. So I think when Bb Julia will grow up, she will be like her cousin Yara but different eye color. How I miss this girl. We’ll see them next year for our next vacation Insha’Allah {God willing}.

Until next PhotoHunt.


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