Welcoming Baby Enya!

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This is actually a late late post.

While I’m still waiting for my bundle of joy, a dear special friend who I looked up to gave birth last 28th of October 2008.

She labored too long that she started to feel contraction around 12:30am of 28th last month. She gave birth to Baby Enya Leigh F. Evacula around 4:30pm {if my sources are correct}. They were supposed to name her Enya Juliana – but for the last minute, Juliana was changed to Leigh. Mas cute daw kasi, hehehe! Imagine how long she felt the pain? Gosh! Kung ako siguro yun, nawindang na ako ever. Baby Enya weighs 6.9 lbs – bouncing healthy girl who has the lips of her mom and the rest is from his proud dad.

Me and ate Jee experienced the same journey of being pregnant. The pain, the morning sickness, the food cravings and the mood swings. We used to scold each other – as if naman may sumusunod sa aming dalawa eh we have the same tigas ng ulo, hahaha!

I’m so so so happy for her. We have the same OB and her EDD was 2nd of Nov, mine is this coming 8th. Wish ko lang lumabas na si Baby Julia since her playmate in the future is here na.

Ate Jee’s journey to motherhood has begun. I’m next in line.

“The Evacula’s first picture together as a whole family”

For both of you – CONGRATULATIONS! I wish you of course all the happiness in this world and may our friendship continues to grow as we cherish the presence of our little bundle of treasure, pride and joy.

Love you te Jee and hugs and kisses for Baby Enya!

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